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What if we forgot about that indispensable lesbian sex toy, the strap on dildo, and looked for new ways of giving ourselves, and our significant other, pleasure?  WetForHer has designed this double sex toy.  Slip it into your bag for an unforgettable romantic weekend away.  Rediscover all the pleasures of a dildo without the inconveniences of a harness and make this lesbian sex toy an indispensable part of your loving evenings.

With or without harness or belt, you will appreciate this ergonomically styled dildo. Its tactile (finger shaped) form will bring you ecstasy.  As soon as you start using it you’ll feel carried away, stimulated, and ready to share the moment with your partner.  Let yourself go, or keep it under control, either way simultaneous orgasm is within your grasp.

How does it work?  One of you inserts the “bulb”, the short part, and when you close your legs, thanks to your pc muscles, the female anatomy holds it in place. You are ready to pleasure your partner. It can also be used with the harnesses sold on our site.

Four comes with another big surprise.  You’re already going to love this firm but malleable toy but, even better, it has a 3 speed vibrator for your clitoris.  A double toy with 3 speeds...everything to help you and your partner reach 7th heaven.

Hassle free pleasure designed by WetForHer.  Try this toy and it will soon be one of your favorites. 

For complete and uncompromising pleasure this 100% silicone toy is odor free.  No phthalates or any other dubious substances.  Long live the Four dildo, designed by women for women. It is 105 mm long and 36 mm diameter, approximately 2 fingers width, and that’s everything you need to know about this toy, an essential part of lesbian sexuality. One last thing, it’s available in 3 colors, black, pink, or purple...

You can use sex toy Four with a harness also and will offer more position. Is compatible with all strapons sold on this website.

You can download and print here at real size the Wet For Her lesbian sex toys.


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