14 Days of Sex During Queerantine

14 Days of Sex During Queerantine
  1. Pussy first, catnap second

    Have you gotten yourself off in that armchair by the window while basking in late morning sunlight? Probably not, if you were doing the 9-to-5 grind up until recently. Give yourself slow-burn orgasms that fade into a sun-drenched nap.

  2. If you can handle the heat, head to the kitchen

    An often-overlooked room, kitchens have much to offer. You can read our blog post on pervertables for a full rundown of household items waiting to be eroticized, but let’s just say the kitchen is FULL of toys for impact or sensation play. You’ll never look at a wooden spoon the same way again.

  3. Food for (sexy) thoughts?

    Speaking of pervertables, there’s also the edible variety. Tasty things are perfect for licking off your lover and merging touch and taste. Whip cream and chocolate sauce come to mind, but let your taste buds guide you on this one. Body-safe dildos are always recommended, but edible penetrative play with phallic-shaped foods like cucumbers can be a new adventure. Just be sure to use condoms and discard after use.

  4. Countertop Cunnilingus

    Okay, maybe it’s cliche to fornicate on the counters in your kitchen. It’s one of those things you see in a movie, but be honest: have you actually done it recently? Depending on the height of those involved, this can either be uncomfortable or hot AF. If you need additional reach, add a little extra extension to your finger foreplay.

  5. #CottageCore

    Lesbian culture often embraces sustainability themes around farm-life and homesteading. You’ve heard of slow food, now it’s time for slow sex. Are you using queerantine to learn how to bake with a sourdough starter? Next time you set the dough to rise, use that time to tease your partner with the Ayu Finger Vibes.

  6. Edging up an appetite 

    Offer the same loving devotion to your own clit over the course of the day, but don’t allow yourself to climax. Both foods and orgasms can get better with delayed gratification. Intermittent reward is a powerful thing, and we promise that by nightfall you’ll have worked up quite the sexual hunger.

  7. Mirror, mirror on the wall

    There are few things as wonderful as watching an orgasm sweep over your partner's face. Not all sexual positions make this easy, which is one reason adding a mirror to your play can provide a hot new perspective. This doesn’t only apply to partnered sex. There is an intensity in watching yourself masturbate. Have you witnessed your own orgasm face? You’re sexy and you know it, but we recommend seeing it too.

  8. Sexy Screentime

    Phone sex, cybersex, and other variations of using tech can help keep us connected while apart. If you’ve never leaned into power play or talking dirty, this is a good time to see if it turns you on. Video chat with your partner, directing their hands in whatever ways turn you (both) on. If you’re snapping sexy selfies for a lover, curate the backdrop. No one wants to see your piles of dirty clothes, but maybe use this as an opportunity to low-key flex your toilet paper stash.

  9. Don’t run with scissors, but you might want to take a stroll 

    The RockHer scissoring vibrator is unique in its versatility. (See our full RockHer review.) One discovery with this gem is that it can be worn while upright. Taking a walk in the sunshine with the RockHer buzzing away on a low vibration can make your daily stroll more, um, invigorating. The RockHer’s remote control means that either you can tease yourself or give the reins to your partner.

  10. Look, no hands! 

    Ever played with a double-dildo? The Unionis one of our all-time bestsellers, and for good reason. It’s comfortable, secure, and has a moldable core so you can find the perfect position for you and your love.

  11. Self-control is sexy

    Our Intro to S&M Kit brings kinky basics to your bedroom. Fun with a partner, obviously, but don’t discount the power of sensory deprivation during masturbation. Wearing a blindfold, noise-canceling headphones or a bit of light self-bondage can eroticize solo play in new ways.

  12. Butt stuff - don’t knock it ‘til you try it 

    We’ve recently stocked some of the best anal toys on the market, so whether you’re new to booty pleasure or ready to level up your game, we’ve got an option for you. Get ready to rocket off with orgasmic intensity.

  13. Gender-bending

    We’ve got a lineup o fgender-affirming toys including packers, realistic dildos, and STPs. If you’ve ever been curious about gender play, these are pretty fun to wear around the house. If not now, when?

  14. Level Up

    We’re not trying to break up your long-term relationship with your favorite dildo, but have you considered giving it an upgrade? We’ve got add-ons for every inclination. The WowHer and BumpHer increase pleasure on both sides of the equation, while the O-Ring stabilizer offers additional control to even the most experienced strap-on user. This ain’t your first RodeoH, and it definitely won’t be your last.
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