7 Tips for Shower Sex

Once the water is flowing and you're relaxed, you may find erotic energies reawakened that the stress of the day had previously pushed from your mind. Shower sex is equally delightful alone or with a lover, and an added bonus is you can get down and dirty and still end up clean!

Get Wet, Even Wetter Yet

1. Lube it up! This may seem counter-intuitive, but if you’re having sex in the water you’ll need to use more lube since the body’s natural lubricant will wash away. Enter SLiquid Silk. This holistic body care product is long-lasting under any conditions. The hypoallergenic, silicone-based formula is body-safe for your vagina and also plays double duty as a superb skin or hair conditioner.

2. Showerhead deja vu. If you had one of your first orgasmic experiences with your shower head, you aren’t alone. Detachable shower heads are a gal’s best friend. We encourage taking the time to play with different angles and spray intensities. If you find the sensations are too intense, try draping a washcloth over your vulva. Play around with temperature, but be careful not to burn your delicate bits!

3. In the splash zone. Not all toys are water-friendly and it’s important to know what yours can handle. Splash-proof toys are sturdy but can’t withstand being fully submerged. Our vibe collection has a lot to offer in this category, but we’re particularly partial to the Enby and We-Vibe Touch. Both vibrators offer silky smooth exteriors and curved caressing designs, making them ideal stimulators for any erogenous zone.

Slide On In, The Water’s Warm

4. No detachable showerhead? No problem. One benefit to bathing solo is that you can scoot up under the bathtub faucet for direct access to a powerful waterfall. Does it look awkward having your legs up the wall? Maybe, but you’ll be coming too hard to care, and it offers the added benefit of a great hamstring stretch.

5. Finger-licking good. Take a long soak with your lover and let your hands wander while she lies back in your lap. Use your hands to create currents of warm water that rush towards her clit or up over her nipples. When you’re done teasing, the Finger Extender adds extra length and heft to bring on a powerful climax.

6. Aquatic oral. Have your partner lay down in the tub and position yourself over the head while supporting your weight using the tub walls. The sensations of the hot water, your partner’s mouth, and a finger (or three) will make this your new favorite way to get off. Depending on the depth of the water, you might need a bathtub pillow or sacrificial towel to prop your lover up enough to keep their head above water. Safety first y’all, don’t drown.

7. Suction cup dildos. When you can attach your dildo to any surface - the tub, the wall, the shower door - there’s not a lot you can’t do. The sturdy grip these toys offer means that you can enjoy penetration in any position. The curves of the Wave hit all the right spots and is one of our new favorites. If you’re looking for girth, the Naked Shave Creme and you’ll be rewarded later with the intoxicating smells of natural aphrodisiacs.

As hot as it is to feel your body sliding against your partner’s soapy skin, you may decide that your bathroom doesn’t provide the necessary space for certain positions. Enjoy all the sexy foreplay to be had under the shower’s flow, and then move to the bedroom (with towel in hand!) for more. Check out a few of the other lesbian sex toys you can enjoy in and out of the shower. Stay healthy, play safe, and get wet!

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