What’s the Buzz About Bullet Vibrators?

What’s the Buzz About Bullet Vibrators?

With so many vibrators out there, it can be intimidating to find the right one. Wait, one? Why have just one? A proper array of vibrators and bullet vibrators can satisfy whatever desires you, or your partner, have.

You'll find the selection of high-quality products at Wet For Her thrilling, varied, and focused on women's needs. The toys at Wet For Her are designed by women, for women.

Bang, Bang!

A woman's hand shaped in a finger bang motion

Today we'll be talking about bullet vibrators. They're versatile and fun! Don't let the demure size of a bullet vibrator escape your notice. This small-but-mighty friend is compact, powerful, quiet, and easy to pack while traveling.

The word "bullet" conveys its size.

These vibrators are modest but not shy. Despite their size, they're quite powerful! A bullet vibrator is used mainly for external stimulation, but you can take delight from vaginal use, too.

A bullet vibrator will be a welcomed addition to your existing collection or a fun first purchase. Different sizes and speeds are available.

Why So Small?

 A Black woman holding her fingers to make a "small" gesture

The size of these vibrators can be deceiving, but don't let their cute appearance create doubt. They pack for travel easily, and they pack a punch when it comes to foreplay and orgasms. The powerful vibrations will give you more stimulation while placed directly on the clitoris, while in a harness, or inserted vaginally. 

One type of bullet vibrator is small enough to slip into your harness and make it, you, and your partner vibrate with pleasure. Another design is purrrfect for both external and vaginal stimulation.

But like any vibrator, there's no "preferred" way to use them. That's up to you, your desires, and your imagination.

So Many Options

A Bam Bullet Vibrator from Wet For Her

Wet For Her offers a handful of small but powerful bullet vibrators, each featuring their unique qualities. Some use batteries or are rechargeable. Most are 100% waterproof, with different vibration settings. But all of these bullet vibrators are always a fun little secret: in your purse, your harness, in the car, in bed, for a quickie...you get the drift.

Affordable Pleasure

The power of these little wonders will give a full-sized vibrator a run for its money without costing you nearly as much. Due to their unique size and power output, bullet vibrators create complete, body shuddering orgasms - quickly. 

In The Zone

A bullet vibrator isn't made just for the clitoris. Oh no, you can use this versatile and fun toy on your nipples, anus, perineum, and anywhere you or your partner can reach that spring forth pleasure and stimulation. 

A word to the wise, however

Your bullet vibrator is NOT intended for anal insertion. Because the design lacks a flared end, this small vibrator can get lost in there. So, concentrate solely on external stimulation in this area.

Get Wet

Did you know you can probably use your bullet vibrators in the bath or shower? Be sure to read the label first and look for the 100% waterproof claim. 


Take your new vibrating friend and some lube with you to enjoy some saucy shower time, alone or with your partner(s). Water isn't a great lube, and soap can sting sensitive areas. So bring some lube with you into the shower! Here are some safety pointers:

  • Use a quality water-based lubricant
  • Don't use glass containers
  • Choose a lube with a pump dispenser
  • Keep both feet on the ground
  • Don't use silicone or oil lubricants 

Following these simple steps will help keep you from injuries due to slipping and falling. How anticlimactic to end up in urgent care or the chiropractor after a mind-blowing orgasm!

A Handy Tip

When using your bullet vibrator, expand your orgasm horizons and use the entire shaft, not just the tip. When you hold it horizontally, you cover more area. 

This placement is a great foreplay move as it will get more than only your clitoris stimulated

Your vulva will appreciate the extra attention. Women with sensitive genitals enjoy the non-direct stimulation this provides.

Your nipples are another titillating area to focus on (if you're into that kind of stimulation). Dab a little lube on your nipples and teasingly apply the bullet there—what a lovely way to get your blood pumping. While your partner is going down on you, use the bullet on your nipples or clitoris to add just the right *pop* to your orgasm.

Specifically Speaking

Okay, we've covered what a bullet vibrator is, how to use them, and where to use them. It bears repeating: Due to the bullet's unique shape and small size, you shouldn't be using this anally. There are other great toys for that area! 

If you're new to a bullet vibrator, here are some suggested uses:

  • Solo or with your partner
  • Place directly on the clitoris before or during sex
  • Buzz behind the knees and work up the back of the legs
  • Apply to you or your partner's nipples as foreplay or during sex
  • Use internally or externally during oral sex

Your options are only as limited as you make them!

Oh, and don't forget to clean off your bullet vibrator after use. Since many are 100% waterproof, a quick rinse in the sink should do the trick.

Aiming To Please

Wet For Her was founded in 2009 in Paris, France, after the owner/CEO noticed that sex toys for women lacked in quality and quantity. Especially in the lesbian and queer community.

Thanks to the attention on the female body's specific needs, you now have a plethora of toys to enhance your masturbation time and/or intimate time with your partner(s). 

Visit our site today to check out our selection of bullet vibrators, lubes, and other toys. We'd be delighted to get the right toy for the job in your capable hands.

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