Aphrodisiacs Turn On All your senses

Aphrodisiacs Turn On All your senses

Lead With Your Tongue (We Suspect You Might Already)

Lips, tongues and teeth; the mouth is connected to the concept of pleasure in more ways than one. So it’s no surprise the most well-known class of aphrodisiacs is the edible variety. Foods that encourage your tongue to be playful - slurping oysters, fondling the crevices of sun-ripened strawberries, and swirling dark chocolate - all top the list as the most well-known aphrodisiac foods.

Other sensual stimulants underscore the idea that when it comes to sex, it’s all about chemistry. Chili peppers contain endorphins that increase blood flow and instigate your sweat glands, which simulates other states of arousal.

Coming Up Roses

Flower-powered scents play an important role in nature’s dance of the birds-and-the-bees, both in the literal and figurative sense. Closely related to taste, smell lets us inhale a variety of aromas and pheromone cocktails to set the mood. Rose, jasmine and lavender are just a few of the intoxicating natural perfumes that get your blood pumping and brain chemistry reacting.

 The spicier components of plants can also provide an injection of blood flow to your nether-regions. Vanilla, cinnamon and licorice have all been demonstrated to show heightened arousal.

Eyes Are The Gateway To The Soul

Visual symbolism has played a significant role in sexualizing the many faces of the natural world. The “Law of Similarities”, popular in Europe during the Middle Ages, declared that humanesque-shaped natural oddities such as sea cucumbers, asparagus and ginseng were all capable of elevating sexual desires due to their visual similarities to human bodies.

Some of that hasn’t stood the test of time or science (sea cucumbers, really?) but there’s still a lot of sexy nature. Stimulating one’s eyes is a sure way to light up the erotic parts of your mind, and the rest of your body is likely to follow.

Not Just Moans

The sounds emitted in the throes of passionate play may be the first thing your mind conjures at the idea of auditory aphrodisiacs. Sighs, screams, dirty talk; sex noises influence our emotional state in many ways. Music can set more than just a sexy mood as it helps people fall into a coordinated rhythm. Being in sync is advantageous whether you’re dancing with your partner vertically or horizontally.

Tactile Pleasures

Perhaps the most significant sense in all erotic play is touch. The softness of silk sheets, our unblemished rose petals, or the light brush of a partner’s breath upon bare skin can be enough to excite the senses if applied at the right time.

 Keeping your skin sensual can be easy with our Naked Shave Creme Cupcake; it softens the coarsest of body hair and leaves your skin soft and smooth. The formula combines aphrodisiacs like musky vanilla and berries with intoxicating pheromones that are sure to activate and amplify your erotic urges.

 Of course, the greatest tactile experience of all is skin-to-skin contact with someone you love and/or lust. Intimate touch can be the perfect cocktail of all senses being enveloped in connected chemistry.