How to stimulate your Nipples

Tasteful Teasers

Tongues are always a good place to start. Take your teasing a bit further with Nipple Nibblers, whose smooth and silky texture will heighten your nipple’s sensations while enticing your partner’s tongue to circle with its range of flavors. Of course the taste of skin is nice, but so is strawberry, raspberry, watermelon, bubblegum, or buttercream;

Looking for more of a shock?

Try the Nip-Zip in Strawberry Mint. This balm will have you shivering in pleasure within minutes, and can provide up to an hour of tingles.

Or lean harder into cool temperature play by applying an ice cube directly to the nipples. As the intensity builds, invite a lover to engulf the entirety into their mouth, offering a respite of warmth against the contrast of the ice.

A Buzz Above The Rest

At Wet for Her we talk about vibrators a lot. We can’t help it; the rumbles give us feels in all the best places, and nipples are no exception.

Any vibrator can help you get your buzz on

But the Mystic is a particularly versatile option that’s ideal for nipple action. Its dual vibrating fingers offer a unique sensation that is slightly less intense than the vibrating base. This is a great option for folks with sensitive nipples who would like a vibe that offers a range of gentle-to-medium intensities to explore.

Another great choice is the humble bullet vibe. Known to nearly every toy chest, it has ushered in its fair share of motor-powered orgasms. Our favorite, the Rainbow Bullet 7 Speed Vibrator, comes in iridescent metal and packs a powerful punch no matter what skin it touches. Fitting easily in hand, the unobtrusive size and shape allows for ease of travel between nipples and other erogenous zones.

A Prickle or a Pinch

There are many spectrums worth exploring in addition to temperature. Ticklish feathers can be employed. Perhaps the rake of teeth or the sharp prick of a Wartenberg Wheel will bring you to the edge. For more sustained sensation, nipple clamps come in a variety of materials that offer a range of weights and intensities.

Mix the feelings of pain and pleasure to see where the lines begin to blur. 

If you’re unsure where to start, our Intro to S&M Kit comes with a versatile fabric flogger that can provide a gentle brush or a hard smack. The handcuffs and blindfold are the perfect pairing to heighten your sensory awareness, especially when enjoyed with any of the above recommendations. 

The Wet For Her team wants you to play safe, have fun, and come often! Give your favorite nipples some extra love tonight.

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