Kissing Tips for International Kissing Day

Kissing Tips for International Kissing Day

Why Do Humans Kiss?

Modern anthropologists believe kissing originated from the practice of rubbing noses to take in another person’s breath (customary amongst Pacific Islanders as well as native Eskimos). The theory is that we kiss to test another person’s scent to measure compatibility. We’ve evolved to seek this connection as kissing stimulates our brain into releasing feel-good chemicals. This serves as a natural relaxant and relieves stress, and is why necking can make us feel both calm and excited at the same time.

The element of connection is important. While you canget yourself off, you can’t kiss alone. It’s an intimacy that requires companionship. By kissing, you can communicate complex emotions without having to exchange any words. 

However, while connection is critical, that doesn’t mean all kissing techniques are created equal!

Tonguing Techniques for Lesbians

Go Slow

It may be called Tangling Tongues, but don’t rush into the tangling part. Take your time. Be a tease. Kiss with a soft mouth to heighten sensations and build anticipation. Brush your lips against hers and wait for her to open to you.

Pay Attention 

Stay conscious to her feedback and cues. How does she react when you move closer? Does her breathing speed up or slow down? Is she making those little noises in the back of her throat? Does she use her body to ask for more, or does she pull away? 

Use Your Tongue Wisely

Your tongue can be your greatest asset or your greatest weakness; like most things, it’s all about how you employ it. Use your tongue to explore, taste, and caress. It may be tempting to go all in and thrust as though your tongue is a different kind of appendage. Save that for when things are hot and heavy and you’ve confirmed your partner’s preferences on tongue f*cking.

Keep Your Hands Moving

The key to being a good lover is to always keep your hands moving. The movement should start before you go in for the kiss; stroke her cheek, put a hand around her waist or touch her sides. Rub the small of her back and the curve of her neck. Entangle your hands in her hair. 

Oral Fixation

Our obsession with kissing has led humans to find other erotic ways to tantalize the mouth. 

Nipple Nibblersstimulate more than just taste buds, while Nip Zipcreates an exhilarating sensation that may last anywhere from 20 minutes to over an hour. 

If the lips you’re kissing are below the belt, add a Cherry Bombfor clitoral arousal with mouthgasms. And as your roving hands explore the curves and crevices of your lover, slip on a subtle finger vibratorfor more sensation or add reach with our bestselling finger extender

However you choose to celebrate, happy #InternationalKissingDay!