Lesbian Sex A to Z

Lesbian Sex A to Z

The Alphabetized Guide To Lesbian Sensuality

A is for analingus. 

It’s not just gay men who enjoy butt play! The backdoor comes equipped with many sensitive nerve endings, making it a favorite for some and a heck no for others. Use your tongue to tease the exterior, and if you’re going all in then invest in high-quality lube and smooth silicone dildos to ease the way.

B is for boobs. 

Breasts are beautiful and many lesbian couples enjoy this bounty two-fold. Our community makes space for the brilliant array of bosom shapes, sizes, and asymmetry. We’re also just as smitten by a boi in a binder. ????

C is for cunnilingus. 

Cunts love it, and what better way to ignite powerful chemistry between partners than such an intimate exchange? As the flagship of Lesbian Sex™, there’s a perception that lesbians have a monopoly on pussy-whispering skills. And hey, we aren’t exactly denying it... 

D is for dildo. 

Get yourself a strapon and harness, or try the double dildo if you dare! For those who have been dreaming of deeper penetration, look no further than our custom designed line of high quality lesbian sex toys.

E is for ejaculation.

Far from a myth, female ejaculation is an Equal Opportunity Activity and the science suggests psychological rather than physical barriers prevent many women from squirting.

F is for fingering. 

Our hands are one of the most sensitive and dexterous parts of the human body, so it would be foolish not to put them to good use. If fingering leaves you wanting more, the Finger Extender easily provides that extra reach for deeper pleasure. Hot tip to all our femme readers: it’s also great for protecting manicures (and your partner’s vagina from manicures).

G is for G-spot.

Which was never lost to begin with! If you want to give your girlfriend an earth-shattering orgasm that leaves her gasping for more, pay extra attention to this internal hotspot. Did you know the g-spot is actually part of the internal clitoral structure?

H is for harness. 

Strap-on harnesses have been used by lesbians to enjoy a helluva good time throughout herstory, but modern times have brought modern toys. The harnesses of today are easy to put on, safe to machine wash, and highly customizable for the perfect dildo pairing. 

I is for internet. 

Give credit where credit is due; the internet has brought a new era of community. Geographic distance is no longer a barrier to community building, allowing the queer community to flourish in ways unknown to previous generations.

J is for jill-off. 

Whatever masturbation euphemism strikes your fancy, just make sure you’re getting the job done. Sexual intimacy with others is amazing, but remember that you own your pleasure and the health benefits of self-love are staggering.

 K is for kissing. 

Few things have such an old history and yet never go out of style. Locking lips can send your brain chemistry into a flurry of dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin euphoria. Our lips and tongues are highly sensitive and sharing such close proximity (and saliva) heightens intimacy in ways we don’t entirely understand. We just know it feels so good that we’re compelled to close our eyes.

 L is for lesbian. 

As the lyrics of the original L Word theme song crooned, “L” is for all the licking, laughing, loving, and living that goes along with the sapphic life. The L Word: Gen Q premieres this December!

M is for menstruation. 

Red tent, here we come. Time to shed all the societally-enforced shame around your cycle and get empowered (and healthy!). Don’t worry, your partner thinks it’s hot too. 

N is for nipples. 

There are 8 nipple types and we love them all. Nature designed this duo for both pragmatic and pleasurable purposes, and some women can orgasm from nipple stimulation alone. Nipple sensitivity can range considerably, so ask before snapping on those nipple clamps. This is the perfect erogenous zone for temperature experimentation, such as using hot candle wax or chilly Nip Zip

O is for orgasm. 

This little death (la petite mort) can breathe new life into your body and mind. 

P is for penetration.

Cultural mythos aside, penetrative sex has always had a place in sex between women. And if you fancy getting yourself/your partner preggers anytime soon, P can also be for the POP Dildo designed specifically to help lesbian couples conceive. 

Q is for queer! 

A word reclaimed and infused with the strength, resilience, and solidarity that the LGBTQIA+ community embodies.

R is for ropes and restraints. 

Ropework is certainly not the only method of exploring bondage, but there’s something exquisitely beautiful about a perfectly tied knot. Playing with bondage can build trust between partners, and some enthusiasts find that it offers psychological benefits outside the bedroom as well.

S is for sex. 

Need we say more? Grab your strap-ons and start shagging!

T is for transgender. 

We see you, and you belong here. Whether that means speaking up against oppression or stepping back for a diversity of narratives to be heard, we are committed to inclusivity.

U is for umbrella. 

The queer umbrella, of course. While the Wet For Her brand was founded by and for lesbian women, we know it’s not our role to define labels. If lesbian works for you, great! If it works for your partner, awesome! If you aren’t a lesbian but really love our toys, fantastic! Wet For Her supports the whole human spectrum, from A to Z.

V is for vagitarian.

Vagitarians are those who feast on vulva and vagina. The taste, the smell, the texture and unique flavoring of each particular vagina... is there anything better?

W is for Wet For Her and women worldwide!

X is for X-rated.

As all the best sexual play should be. 

Y is for yoni. 

Use sex to celebrate your existence. This is a space to speak directly about your desires and seek pleasurable yonic satisfaction. If you haven’t gotten up close and personal with your bits before, it’s time to grab a hand mirror and dive into labial self-discovery.

Z is for zouzoune! 

Tipping our hat to our European roots here with this French term for vagina. As a worldwide supplier of women-designed sex toys, it’s good to be fluent in pussy for every country! 

Thus concludes our alliterative musings, but not your sexual journey. At the heart of it all, sex is a love language and communicating openly with your partners is the best way to celebrate yourself and those you love. Have fun and get wet!

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