Lesbian sex toys - A guide to share the pleasure hands free

Lesbian sex toys - A guide to share the pleasure hands free

Couples therapist Esther Perel says that when she asks her clients about their relationship in the bedroom, most people say they want "more sex". But, she adds, what they really mean is that they want [i]better[/i] sex. In our experience, better sex comes down to a whole score of things — intimacy, technique, trust, emotional connection and, if we can be totally crass here for a second, how 'GGG' our lovers are. 

And part of that is the choice of lesbian sex toy we're using to enhance our pleasure and sexual experience. Here are four that fit the bill. 

Double Dildos

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for, the dildo that is less about thrusting, taking turns and doing it like a het couple and more about celebrating the union of two women doing it in their quintessential lesbian way. Aka equal penetration. Emphasis on the 'equal'. 
When you watch the double dildo in action, it's actually an ingenious and glorious invention that is, like, so much better than that 'rabbit' we all had to settle for in the 90s and 2000s. Sure, the rabbit fingers are nice but there is nothing quite like being able to connect with your partner, face to face, both of pleasuring each other and being pleasured — at the same time. That's what the Union Double dildo is design to do. And we love it even more because it takes advantage of and exploits a seriously amazing aspect of the female body: our amazing vaginal muscles that are strong enough to give birth.The opposite end extends out in a long sheath that then fits into your partner which means you can both enjoy yourselves at the same time, varying the speed and motion in tandem. And while the double dildo doesn't need hands per se, you can use yours to mold and twist the elongated part of the dildo into any shape.This is one ride that's sure to end in an orgasm. 

Strap-on Dildo and harnesses

The kit strap-on harness TOMBOI is a little less subtle but still entirely pleasurable. It's for those entirely saucy, almost dominant moments, when you'd like to get your woman on all fours or for when you're feeling a little more, well, masculine.

Hey, that's a welcome word here at Wet for Her because taboos don't really have a place in an orgasm. It's all about giving and receiving sexual pleasure. Free love, baby! Anyway, back to the harness dildo. It's a way more 'traditional' design, insofar as there's a dildo in a harness, in this case designed as a pair of briefs but, really, any harness with a space for a dildo will do. 

It's really the base and the size of the harness that makes this lesbian sex toy so reliable for an orgasm.
For the moments in which one partner is wearing it and the other being penetrated by it, the harness dildo adds a dimension of dominance and submission. That's not to say that you need to be in the mood to roleplay to enjoy the harness dildo but you'll definitely have more than physical fun navigating your way around this one with your partner. 

The Scissoring Dual Vibrator

For our ladies who love to scissor, there's also the dual vibrator designed by Wet For Her called the Rockher. It works quite a bit like the double dildo except that, instead of insertion, this sex toy relies on the friction generated by clitoral stimulation. As any woman who has had an orgasm will tell you, a clitoral orgasm is very different than a vaginal orgasm and vastly differently from a G-spot orgasm. 

Many women will use a combination of these toys and some well-controlled edging to max out their sexualclimax and keep their hands free to do other things. The scissoring RockHer works with a remote control which give you hands free. Your interlocked leg position holds them together and you can use the remote to control the level of vibrations independently. 

Here's the thing: For years, lesbian couples have been told that, while they can certainly have amazing orgasms, the sexual satisfaction of experiencing a simultaneous orgasm was solely the territory of straight couples. But these lesbian sex toys are precisely about bringing that experience of lesbian sex to the next level. 

Sure, 'hands-free' is a handy thing to have. But what these toys are really all about is the fusion of desires and that moment of simultaneous connection of pleasure and union that should be a part of any couple's intimate adventures.

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