Proud to be Wet For Her

Proud to be Wet For Her

Harassment was commonplace at that time, and police raids followed by arrest were a regular occurence, but this night was different. Further riots and protests continued over the course of multiple evenings and drew global attention. In hindsight, many have called this the watershed moment for the modern queer rights movement.

The first Pride March was held a year later in New York City to commemorate the Stonewall Riots, with corresponding events in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Brenda Howard, known as the Mother of Pride,” coordinated these marches as well as a week-long series of events. An annual tradition was born, and the following year in 1972 the movement went global with Paris, London, West Berlin, and Stockholm joining the fray. Since then more and more cities around the world have hosted their own annual LGBTQ celebrations.

June was first “officially” declared Pride Month twenty years ago by US President Bill Clinton. Now, fifty years after the original Stonewall Riots, the state of New York is hosting the largest international celebration of LGBTQ pride in history, WorldPride | Stonewall 50?.

Ten Years & Counting

What happened fifty years ago was just one catalyst which helped create the possibility for Wet For Her to even exist. Pride has made huge strides in securing rights and fairer representation for the LGBTQ community, including the right to sexual pleasure.

Wet For Her’s origin story began ten years ago, sparked by a personal desire to find high quality lesbian sex toys. There had been a boon of erotic products geared towards heterosexual couples or gay men, but women who love women were still getting overlooked.

Alice Derock, founder and CEO, wasn’t willing to wait for someone else to solve the problem. She started by designing the TWO finger extender, a simple yet powerful toy that revolutionizes the fingering experience. The extender adds length and width with a gentle curve to easily find the g-spot. Made from the smoothest medical-grade silicone, it provides a silky feel while protecting the sensitive tissue of the vagina from hangnails or manicures.

Solidly hooked, from there Alice designed strap-on dildos and double dildos, again with the bodies and sexual experiences of lesbian women in mind. The base of the Fusion strapon dildo is shaped to stimulate the clit of the wearer, while the Union double dildo is kept in place via a bulb inserted into the wearer’s vagina. Double dildos can sometimes get a bad rap for not staying in place, but the pleasurably snug Union bucks that stereotype.

 Wet For Her’s newest release, the RockHer mini scissoring vibrator?, is our most inventive and lesbian-oriented product yet. Scissoring is a staple for many lesbians, and this 10-speed remote-controlled dual vibrator takes it to a whole new level.

New products are always being tested in the Wet For Her design studio. We’re proud of what we’ve created in our first ten years, and we’re dedicated to creating even more unique sex products for lesbian couples over the next decade and beyond. Happy pride!

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