Slippery when wet

Slippery when wet

While showers may prove more awkward to logistically navigate than most movie scenes lead you to believe, a little communication goes a long way to ensuring a steamy encounter. Of course, solo play gives you more room to move about the warm waters of desire on your way to well-deserved orgasm.

Waves Of Sensation

Water is sexy and ignites all of the senses in exciting ways. The sight and sounds of running water are considered some of the most calming to the mind, while the feeling of water’s movement on the skin and endless potential for temperature play make this medium ideal for erotic encounters.

The wet heat of your bathtub is a key to unlocking the untapped potential of plant essential oils. The delicate petals of flowers, such as the Rose Petals found in our store, infuse their intoxicating aromas into your bathwater and your partner’s skin.

Are You In The Splash Zone?

If you’re thinking of bringing your favorite toy into your next shower, make sure you check the manufacturer’s recommendations. Some toys are “splash-resistant” while others are completely submersible. Get the right toy for the job before taking the plunge!

The Ayu Finger Vibes come in a two-pack of delightful waterproof mini-vibes, perfect for your next shower orgasm. The ring-style vibrators, in colors black and pink, can offer double pleasure for solo play or mutual enjoyment for you and your partner. The Ayu Finger Vibes are small and discreet; their almost silent vibrations make them perfect for outdoor encounters in wild waterways.

Get Wet, Stay Wet

Sex in water isn’t always as wet as it could be, as water tends to wash away your body’s natural lubrication. Same goes for water-based lubes which were designed to clean easily under water. Silicone or oil-based formulas are best for aquatic encounters and offer the staying power needed for your next steamy shower scene.

Überlube is the perfect formula to stay slippery as long as the water stays warm. It provides lasting play - without reapplication - so you can ride the wave to longer orgasms.

More than just a great sex lubricant

The simple four ingredient formula can be an all-around body care product. Überlube’s manufacturers even recommend its use for swimmers to protect their hair, skin, and cuticles!

Remember that while Überlube is great for keeping your fingers (and other bits) slick, it is not compatible with any silicone sex toys.

As always, the Wet For Her team wants you to play safe, have fun, and come often!

How do YOU like to get wet?