Solo Yolo: Best Toys for Masturbation

Solo Yolo: Best Toys for Masturbation

Take The Scenic Route

Masturbation helps you learn your desires and empowers you to give yourself pleasure. Don’t settle for just “wham bam thank you ma’am”; take the time to seduce yourself and set the mood for an erotic ménage à moi. 

Light some candles, watch queer porn, or read erotica. Touch your whole body, running fingers across your nipples and down your stomach. Explore the entirety of your vulva, and experience yourself get wet. 

Get Your Buzz On

If your fingers aren’t doing the job, add more rumble to the mix. While remaining simple in concept, vibrator technology has come a long way. In the name of science (and pleasure) we recommend copious amounts of experimentation with the modern vibes of 2019. 

Don’t let the small size of the Luv Mini Vibrator fool you, as this vibe is destined for regular appearances in your nightstand drawer. Its uniquely-shaped head delivers targeted pulses in 10 different vibe patterns in a ring shape to stimulate all sides of your clit.

A golden oldie that continues to stand the test of time, the Hitachi Magic Wand is one of the most powerful vibrators out there. Playing a prominent role during the rise of feminist-oriented sex products, the Magic Wand is famed for its capacity to unlock hard-to-achieve or multiple orgasms.

If too much direct sensation is uncomfortable, the Mimic Clandestine is designed for sensitive clits. The Mimic’s soft, smooth surface focuses on gentle clitoral stimulation with 8 vibe patterns and a fully submersible exterior.

For All Those Hard To Reach Places

Sometimes it takes a deeper nudge to push one over the edge. The Hot & Cool Suction-Cup Dildo has gentle curves perfect for g-spot stimulation, and it boasts a suction-cup base that firmly adheres to most smooth surfaces.

Looking for something more hands on? The Finger Extender, a signature sex toy from Wet For Her’s product line, adds both length and heft to your digits so you hit the sweet spot every time.

Awaken Your Inner Serpent

In tantric yoga the kundalinienergy is a creative force symbolized by a coiled serpent and is associated with both spiritual and sexual awakening. Harnessing this potential can provide insight into your own sexuality, and help define your erotic identity outside of sexual partnerships.

Yoga is just one path towards self-discovery, but at the end of the day it only matters that you take the time to learn your own body. Putting all your fantasies on the table and exploring sensations alone will make it easier to articulate your desires and boundaries, which will in turn enhance any sexual experiences that may follow. 

You only live once, so get wet for yourself!

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