Spooky Orgasms

Spooky Orgasms

Known as spectrophilia, the experience of sexual arousal from ghosts is a long documented phenomenon in many cultures. Modern examples include Lucy Liu, Anna Nicole Smith, and most recently Ke$ha, who claims to have had sex with a spirit and even went so far as to write a song about it.

While you’re waiting for your spectral lover to arrive, we recommend trying NipZip across all your erogenous zones for chilling tingles. It may not be quite the same as ghostly lip-service, but the sexy sensations will make you want to scream.

Supernatural Is A State Of Mind

Throughout history the power of human imagination has woven a complex world of mythical beings, used as a stage for cultures to process archetypes and emotions. It’s no wonder that sexual desire for these otherworldly creatures has emerged via certain fantastical fetishes like attraction to centaurs or vampires.

The mind is a powerful generator for these fantasies

With or without conscious direction. Sex dreams can feel so real that your body responds with a sleep orgasm. Some folks claim climax can be achieved through erotic hypnosis. The limits are only in your imagination.

Whatever your apparitional desires, if you need a little nudge to get your creative juices flowing we recommend the WeVibe Touch. The silky smooth surface, silent motor, and ergonomic shape fit perfectly into any fantasy. Even better, the fully waterproof exterior of the WeVibe Touch makes it the perfect showertime accessory if you find yourself daydreaming of water-nymphs or other sea creatures.

Slide Into Your Dark Side

Arousal can be triggered almost anywhere, and sometimes the more taboo a subjectis, the more ripe its erotic potential. Certain fantasies become more appealing the further they are from the realm of possibility - like tentacle fetishesor alien impregnation. Once you’ve started exploring the darker corners of your fantasies, you’ll need to be prepared for anything! 

Introducing Uberlube, the ultimate utility tool in sexual preparedness

This simple formula is silicone based and compatible with most sex toys, and is ideal for the sensitive skin of both human and supernatural playmates. Uberlube has a marathon lifespan that can keep up with your play as long as it is friction-activated, and leaves your skin moisturized and smooth.

It even helps with chapped lips!

Expand Your Fantasies

Are your fantasies larger than life? If you find that your mind’s eye is more expansive than your capacities, the Deluxe Silicone Dilator Set covers the whole spectrum to prepare you for an orgasm of mythical proportions.

This 5-piece dildo set increases in size from 0.5 inches to 1.25 inches in girth, making it easy to assess your preferences and comfort levels. The gradual size increases allow the receiver to learn as they grow, increasing accommodation slowly and comfortably. This dildo set is perfect for a range of experience levels or couples who have different size preferences during penetrative play.

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