Spring Thaw

Spring Thaw

Reigniting Your Sex Life!

Spring is Coming & So Should You

The one-two punch of cold and darkness can make the winter months a drag. Seasonal depression is common during winter and can have a negative impact on a person’s sex drive. If you and your partner have found your sexual connection less than inspiring, it’s time to wake up! There’s a reason spring is the season of the “birds and the bees” and humans are far from immune to the sensual renaissance that this time of year brings. If you’re looking for a new toy to help jumpstart your love life, Wet For Her has the perfect toy for every couple.

It’s What The Buzz Is About

The WowHer has the power to transform almost any dildo into a vibrator. This flexible silicone ring slips over dildos with a girth between 0.8 - 2.4 inches. Use it with your favorite toy or try one of our bestsellers! A rechargeable bullet vibe fits snug in a textured silicone sleeve for direct clitoral stimulation. The WowHer's motor rumbling is powerful enough to please both Wearer and Receiver when used with a harness, but it is a powerful sex toy in your lover’s hand too.

Put a little extra magic in your fingers with the Marvelous Teaser

This ergonomic green vibrator is shaped like a leaf, making it the perfect toy for a frisky spring season. It fits snug between your fingers giving targeted control over both its silky smooth or textured surfaces. Use it to trace love lines across your partner's erogenous zones. The Marvelous Teaser is completely waterproof, USB rechargeable, and has a travel lock for peace of mind.

Get The Strap. All Of Them.

Penetrative play is one option for couples to experience deep intimacy and mutual pleasure. It’s a great way to connect and is a space where there is always room for exploration. Every harness and dildo pairing feels different for both the Wearer and Receiver. Underwear style harnesses like the Tomboi Briefs are more likely to fit looser when paired with the weight of a dildo. This looser fit can result in movement and friction that some women find immensely pleasurable, while others find it deeply annoying and prefer a closer fit. If your favorite dildos run large or heavy, we recommend a snugger harness like the Spareparts Joque because it has multiple straps to customize the fit to your body. If you’re new to strap-on harness play, there are harness and dildo kits for every harness style paired with some of our most popular dildos.

Of course, you don’t have to wear a strap to enjoy the experience of penetrating your partner

Both the Wet For Her signature double dildos, the Four and the Union, offer the intimacy and fun of mutual penetrative play without the harness. The bulb end fits snug inside the Wearer and remains in place via the power of pelvic floor muscles. The Four has a smaller insertable shaft, shaped like two fingers in a nod to our flagship toy the Two Finger Extender. If you or your partner prefer deeper penetration, the Union is available in three sizes. Double dildos will remain in place without a harness, but wearing them with one can increase your control and position options.

Single Spark Bursts A Flame

The past year’s global pandemic has been lonely and touch-starved especially for those who don’t cohabitate with a partner. Even for those who pursued socially-distant dating or live with their lover, the year has been rough. Reigniting passion within yourself is critical every spring, but especially this one.

Be sure to celebrate yourself with some of these delicious vibrators for some solo fun.

Suction toys offer the same handheld pleasure accessibility of a smaller vibrator, but a whole new range of sensation to explore. The Suki rechargeable suction vibrator is a bestselling option that will leave you breathless. Whether you’re purchasing for yourself, or your lover, make sure you’re part of our Orgasmic Loyalty Rewards Program!