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  • What’s the Buzz About Bullet Vibrators?
    Bullet vibrators might be tiny, but they pack a real punch. Keep reading to learn more about these discrete but buzz-worthy toys.
  • 14 Days of Sex During Queerantine

    Folks around the world are self-isolating, including the Wet For Her team. Social distancing is the best way to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and the healthcare workers on the front lines keeping us safe.

    Still, if touch is your love language, these are hard times. Sex isn’t the solution to our big picture woes, but orgasms are a great stress reliever, mood booster, and offer immune system support. Whether you’re weathering this storm solo or quarantining with your partner, this is an opportunity to explore our list of 14 sexy indoor activities!

  • Tools and Sex Toys for Transmasculine FTM

    Wet For Her is excited to carry a new line of gender affirming trans-masculine products. 

    The queer community and our shared language is constantly evolving, as does our cultural understanding of sexuality. We strive to make this a welcoming space for women and the folx they love by celebrating a diverse range of bodies, genders, and orientations.

  • RockHer: Our New Scissoring Sex Toy

    Is there anything more quintessentially lesbian than flannel, feelings, or fingering? Many would argue scissoring belongs on that list... and we’re not talking the art-and-crafts kind.

    Little evokes as much controversy in the lesbian community than the status of scissoring. Is it merely a fantasy constructed for the male gaze, fueled by the heteropatriarchal norms of the pornography industry? Or is it an actual sexual position beloved by lady queers?

    Spoiler alert: it’s the latter!

  • How Do Lesbians Have Sex ?

    For all of us lucky ladies that have a found ourselves in a room with a woman we want to be more than friends with but don’t know how to make the right moves, this is for us! 

    As sexuality becomes more fluid and more of us are wanting to explore our desires for lady love, that simple of question of how do lesbians have sex? pops up time and time again. 

    It’s a great question but one that isn’t addressed as often as we would like. So how do lesbians have sex? 

  • Water-Based VS Silicone – Which Lube to Use?

    For many women, personal lubricant (or “lube”) is not just a way to enhance their sexual sensation; it’s a necessity for pleasurable, comfortable lesbian sex! However, there is so much misinformation about lube, and about why women might need or want to use it, it’s no wonder many people hesitate to try it. And for many women that have used lube, they found that it was uncomfortable, overly sticky, or just plan un-sexy. The truth is out there, though, and there is a perfect lube for every body!