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  • 5 Incredibly Fun Sex Toys for Couples
  • Your Roadmap to the Female Erogenous Zones

    When it comes to female erogenous zones, there seems to be an outdated list floating around. This list focuses on only a few obvious spots, such as the clitoris and nipples. Yet, there are so many other sexually-arousing areas to explore!

  • More Ways To Play During Strap-On Sex

    This Isn’t Your First Rodeo

    For folks who love strap-on sex, a harness can become something of a second skin. Harnesses and Double-Dildos offer hands-free intimacy and pleasure to both parties. However, more than just sex toys, strap-ons can open whole new arenas for sexual play on an individual and partnered level.

    If you’re new to strap-on sex, check out our Strap-Ons: Where To Start? post for tips on buying and using your first harness. This is also a great guide to get a sense of the variety available if you want to switch up your harness style

  • Love and Intimacy From A Distance

    Safe Cybering

    Social distancing measures have disrupted the dating and sex lives of most people. Humans are social creatures that as a group are a pretty horny bunch, so this whole staying-inside-alone thing has required a massive paradigm shift. If you weren’t using your digital devices for sexy-times pre-pandemic, chances are it has crossed your mind since this all started.

  • 14 Days of Sex During Queerantine

    Folks around the world are self-isolating, including the Wet For Her team. Social distancing is the best way to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and the healthcare workers on the front lines keeping us safe.

    Still, if touch is your love language, these are hard times. Sex isn’t the solution to our big picture woes, but orgasms are a great stress reliever, mood booster, and offer immune system support. Whether you’re weathering this storm solo or quarantining with your partner, this is an opportunity to explore our list of 14 sexy indoor activities!

  • Safe Sex for Lesbians

    Safety First!

    There is a long-standing cultural myth that lesbian sex is inherently safer than sex between heterosexuals or queer men. This false narrative feeds into behaviors and expectations that increase the sexual health risks of all queer women, and this myth has only begun to unravel in recent decades.