The Art of Do It Yourself Dildos

Rules of the Road

Making (or repurposing) items around your home into penetrative pleasure-giving devices can be the best new game to happen in adulthood. Creativity is encouraged but take care not to abandon common sense in the process.

Always use a condom to prevent contact with undesirable chemicals or germs that may occur in materials not intended for internal use. It’s also worth noting that any item used for anal play must have a flared base.

Reclaimed and Revitalized

Has your electric toothbrush been giving you provocative ideas? You wouldn’t be the first. It’s not just battery-powered objects that hold the keys to your next orgasm; explore the smooth penetrating surfaces of a hairbrush handle or other household objects. 

Erotic energy abounds in kitchen items like wooden spoons or spatulas. For extra sizzle, use these toys for impact play before working up to penetration.

Candles are another great option, though they may need to be carved down at the base to an appropriate size. The scene that follows would be worth the effort, particularly for those who enjoy hotter sensations. For folks who desire more shiver and less burn with their temperature play, fill a condom with water and freeze to create dildo-pops that leave you breathless and gasping for more.

When In Doubt, Grow Your Own

Common produce can be a low-cost medium for making your own dildos at home. Edible fruits and vegetables are literally the sexual organ of the plant, and once you’ve discovered this fact it can be difficult to unsee.

Unlike chemically-infused plastic, most produce is safe for internal consumption; of course, we recommend organic for obvious reasons! For best results use firmer fruits and veggies such as cucumbers or green bananas, but don’t let us limit your imagination.

Once you’ve selected your soon-to-be dildo, the culinary world offers plenty of tools to create texture and contour. Bumps and ridges are worth exploring, particularly when placed exactly right. By carving your own dildo you can experiment with finding the perfect sensations for your own body. 

Remember that while produce items can be a fun tool to learn and play with, they are also temporary! Make sure to compost these eco-friendly orgasmic tools once you’re finished.

DIY is fun and informative, but it’s always worth investing in a high quality and expertly designed dildo that will last with you.