Top 5 Sex Toys for Summer

Top 5 Sex Toys for Summer

#5 Smooth As Silk - And Just As Sexy!

We’re big advocates of using lube in abundance during all frisky activities. Coming in at No. 5 on our list is a top-selling lubricant that pairs perfectly with the other toys: Sliquid Hybrid Silk. This is the brand’s original water-based formula and is blended with cream emollients to produce a luxurious texture with increased longevity. The gentle formula is vegan, hypoallergenic, and free of glycerin and parabens. Sliquid Silk is safe for all bodies and toys and has the added benefit of easy clean-up!

#4 Hands-On Pleasure

Our No. 4 toy was designed by innovative women with a passion for pleasure. The WFH Finger Extender powerfully demonstrates that just a little bit extra can go an incredibly long way. Ergonomically-shaped to fit two fingers and provide a desirable extension in length, the gentle curve and smooth silicone hits just the right spot. 

#3 Let Your Fingers Explore

Interested in more powerful finger-blasting sensations? At No. 3, the Orange Finger Vibe Massager fits easily between your fingers to intuitively deliver powerful sensations. This toy is particularly fun to employ during oral enjoyment; while your tongue is occupied, your undulating fingers can travel anywhere…

Squeeze the tips gently to cycle between ten different vibrational patterns and let your fingers, mouth, and mind wander.

#2 A Vibrating Dildo That Really Listens

Our No. 2 toy is the Sensor Luxe Vibrating Dildo. A new addition to our product selection, it’s become an instant classic. This dildo has 10 vibration settings, boasts compatibility with all harness styles we carry, and conveniently charges via USB while holding enough verve for one hour of continual use.

What makes the Sensor Luxe so unique is that it responds directly to the body’s movements. As the Receiver’s PC muscles squeeze tighter around the shaft, the dildo responds by escalating the intensity of its vibrations for organic control over a deep range of sensations.

#1 A More Perfect Union

Our No. 1 pick wants you to share the pleasure! The WFH Double Dildo Union has a dual-insertion design and bullet-vibe compatibility allowing for mutual enjoyment and intimacy. The shorter end inserts into the Wearer and is designed to stay in place without a harness; however, it’s also harness compatible for folks who prefer additional control or support.

A textured ridge provides stimulation for both parties, along with a bullet vibe that offers sensations for both ends. The longer shaft surrounds a copper wire inside the smooth silicone exterior, making this toy moldable into a variety of shapes and curves to further customize the experience to your fantasies!

Enjoying The Year’s Climax

The pulsing rhythms of nature are at their peak and we hope our community members are enjoying summer orgasms in abundance. As always, the Wet for Her team wants to you to play safe, have fun, and come often!

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