Twice the pleasure : A Guide to Double Dildos


Traditional double-ended dildos are long and offer penetrating ends on either side. Depending on the material, many of these models are flexible to allow incredibly deep or double-penetration of a single person.

Modern changes to the basic design have risen in popularity, including the “strapless” strap-on, or as we like to think of it, a “strap-optional” strap-on. These double-dildos have one bulbous end that can be held in place with activated PC muscles. The longer end then extends away from this person’s body at an angle similar to an erection, allowing the “Wearer” to have penetrative sex with their partner while enjoying the intense sensations of the toy themselves.

Wet For Her Double Designs

Our highly motivated design team takes double dildos very seriously, and we’ve got two versions in our lineup which have undergone extensive user testing.

The Double Dildo Four’s longer shaft boasts the Wet For Her signature double-digit fingers, and includes a five-speed USB reachargeable bullet vibe so all parties can enjoy the vibrations. The small bulb end provides a snug fit to the “Wearer” and active PC muscles keep grips on the action. Who knew kegels could be so hot?

Our second model, the Double Dildo Union, has even greater versatility than its predecessor the Four. The smooth silicone covers a flexible copper wire that allows the shaft to be bent into almost any shape. This opens the door to new positions and a deeper range of pleasure during solo and couples play. The Union comes with a five-speed USB rechargeable bullet vibrator for more rumbling action.

If you need a replacement bullet vibe, or simply want to add another to the mix by utilizing a pocket on your harness, our rechargable five-speed vibe works with both Wet For Her Double Dildos.

It’s All About Control

Kegel exercises are important (and fun!) but everybody is different and sometimes strong PC muscles aren’t enough to ensure the optimum experience with every toy. If your PC muscles aren’t giving you the control you desire, you can wear your double dildo with your favorite harness. The added support provides guidance for smooth precision on your ride to orgasm.

Get Twice As Wet

Don’t forget that playing with twice as much dildo means you’ll need twice as much lube. A brand we highly recommend is Sliquid’s Organic Water-Based Formula, a long-lasting lubricant that is safe for use with silicone toys. Sliquid’s trusted, organic formula is gentle on bodies and microbiomes so it’s great for frequent use.