We're Queer, We’re Here, And We’re Changing The Industry

The onus is on each of us to reclaim our voice in the conversation around pleasure, and we take that responsibility seriously.

Driven by the male gaze and compulsory heterosexuality, the sex industry has historically centered the desires of straight cis men. In the last decade, however, a new generation of queer entrepreneurs are challenging the status quo with products and services that bring a breath of fresh (and very gay) air.

Get Wet and Get It On

At Wet for Her we strive to do it all for the lesbian community. We curatean extensive selection of sex toys and erotic gear in our online store, paying attention to the nuanced needs and growing trends within our community. We stand behind the products we designed and do the legwork to manufacturer the best dildos and sex toy that prioritize women’s bodies and cultivate women-led design teams.

In addition to our sisters companies, we design our own line of quality Wet for Her sex toys. Speaking directly to our core audience of lesbians, many of our sex toys, such as the Two Finger Extender, are digitally focused. In fact, all of our products are sized using our intuitive finger chart for meaningful measurements.

If the finger extender feels like a great idea that could be taken just a little further, we suggest you explore the Two Finger Extender for more than just finger-banging good times.

SpareParts Hardewear, The best harnesses you will ever find !

Created in 2005, SpareParts Hardwear were the first jock strap in Nylon meaning they are washable and much more comfortable than leather harnesses. Queer Entrepreneur Tres, from a humble idea into a bold brand that has revolutionized strap-on sex. She launched the first Boxer Briefs harnesses such as the Tomboi and Sasha. From the Tomboi Briefs to the less discreet (but definitely worth it) Joque. These harnesses will get you where you want to go in style. Machine washable and easy to adjust, Spareparts Hardwear harnesses fit easily under loose clothing so you can take your play out on the town.

The RodeoH Is In Town, Are You Ready To Ride?

With harnesses like this, we’re pretty sure you’ll stay mounted longer than eight seconds. We feature multiple RodeoH products in our store, and it’s no wonder why. The queer founder, Jennifer Weaver, offers first price briefs harnesses for all lesbians styles.

The fashionable underwear styles make these harnesses easy to wear under clothing, and requires no re-adjustments when transitioning into erotic play. The RodeoH O-Ring Stabilizer can be included in the fun for extra control! Their functionality also makes the harnesses ideal for folks who want to pack under their clothes. The stretchable O-rings sewn into each pair make them compatible with a wide range of dildo and soft-packer options.

Taste The Rainbow by BS IS Nice

Rainbows aren’t just for Pride week, and this Rainbow Dildo is strap-on compatible and decorated with all the colors of your orgasmic spectrum. It feels good to embrace your queerness, both inside and out.

Created by lesbian entrepreneur Rachel in Spain, BS IS Nice brings art to the dildo world. The passion of this toy originates from the source. The mold for this delightful piece was handmade by a lesbian designer, and the silky soft silicone will leave you floating over the rainbow.

Just Getting Started

Every year more queer women join the industry, changing it for the better. It is gratifying to see products and services created by and marketed towards bodies and desires that have long been overlooked. As the sex industry becomes less homogenous, the options available for everyone become more expansive…and much more interesting.

We await all that the future holds with eager anticipation. In the meantime, we’ll gladly amuse ourselves with the orgasmic bounty of the present.