Your Microbiome Matters

Your Microbiome Matters

Some researchers speculate this inter-species alliance occurred around 10,000 years ago when some of our ancestors first began consuming fermented dairy, which is heaped with Lactobacillus bacteria. Yogurt started it all, which is why it and other probiotics can help regulate this sensitive balance.

Whatever the origin of these cultures, this partnership is a positive one

The microbiota create an environment that is slightly more acidic than the rest of the body. While a healthy vaginal pH of 4.5 is a perfect environment for species of Lactobacillus, it is not as welcoming to other organisms that might pose a threat.

When your system does fall out of alignment, the consequences can range from mild to extreme discomfort and irritation. Increased instances of yeast infections orbacterial vaginosis (BV) are common, and symptoms can vary.

Chronic issues can sometimes be alleviated through diet or lifestyle changes. However, it’s important to consider all the things that go inside your body. The introduction of foreign bacteria or irritating elements can occur through sharing intimate toys with others, or using poor quality toys and/or lubricants.

Things To Avoid Putting Inside Yourself (Or Loved Ones)

Just because a product is promoted as sex positive doesn’t mean it’s actually good for your body. The sex toy industries worldwide have a range of regulations (or lack thereof) applied to their manufacturing processes, and toxic ingredients are shockingly common.

Even non-toxic ingredients can often be disruptive to the body’s microbiome

So consumers must take extra care when sourcing their erotic toys. It’s important to read all ingredient labels and manufacturing information when purchasing from unfamiliar brands.

Fortunately, modern changes to the industry have brought a wave of women-centric companies like Wet For Her to shake things up, making sure vaginas in particular stay healthy and happy. Products like Organic Sliquid Natural lube is a gentle water-based option for gliding to orgasm without upsetting your microbiome, and the Sliquid Satin Age is a great vaginal moisturizer designed to heal and lubricate during sex (or as part of a daily health regime).

Our Promise To Your Pussy

Here at Wet For Her, we take sexual health very seriously, both ours and yours. Our lube selection is geared towards vaginal health and pleasure; and we research every brand we partner with so that you can shop safely and confidently.

All of the Wet For Her toys are phthalate-free, made from medical-grade silicone, and designed for easy cleaning. The unique design of the Wet For Her Fusion feels great in every direction, so you can share pleasure without sharing microflora with your partner!

 Get your bits in balance, and then get it on.