Lesbian Sex Survey Results Part I

Lesbian Sex Survey Results Part I

The Lesbian Sex Survey was conducted from June 2019 to August 2019. A total of 2,436 participants responded. 91% of these identify as women.

When we asked women about their sex lives, we got a diversity of responses that varied by sexual orientation.

Lesbian is the sexual orientation having more orgasms with 88.7% of the time lesbian woman reach the orgasm.  Women identified as Queer have only 80.5% of the time an orgasm. Straight women reported having 85.7% of the time an orgasm.

Straight women reported the lowest levels of frequency for intercourse - only 62% of straight-identified participants reported having intercourse more than once a week, while almost 25% of that demographic has intercourse less than once per month.

On the other hand, Queer women came on top (pun intended) with 73% on average having intercourse weekly, and only 13% indicating that intercourse occurred less than monthly. 

All women surveyed had comparable experiences in terms of orgasm type regardless of orientation; women have clitoral orgasms with 94% of the time and only 54% for vaginal orgasms. Whatever the sexuality when it comes to orgasms, all women agreed that clitoral orgasms were what worked for them.