Finger Size Guide

Finger Size Guide

Shopping for a new sex toy is an exercise in imagination. Scrolling through pictures, each with the question: what would that *feel* like? How big, long, or thick is the perfect toy? These are key in the pleasure equation for many women but listing off measurements isn’t exactly sexy. And really, who knows their vagina’s preferred diameter in inches? So when we started designing sex toys we opted for the most intuitive system possible: sizing based on fingers. Whether you’re thinking of your own hand or the digital sensations from a lover, a finger measuring system is one understood by women everywhere.

Each insertable toy in our store has an icon indicating one to four fingers. Measuring the diameter of each toy, rather than the insertable length, is what makes the Finger Sizing system unique in the industry. Of course, we have full spec sheets for each of our toys available in our sizing guide that include exact measurements for all our toys.

Slip In A Single Digit

The smallest end of our size spectrum includes one-finger toys. Only a few toys gain single-digit status, as most dildos start larger. Any of the bullet vibrators in our selection, including the Rainbow Bullet Vibrator, are about the width of one finger. While bullet vibrators aren’t often the first toy you think of when considering penetration, don’t let their short length fool you. There are a huge number of nerve endings at the entrance of your vagina and a well-placed finger (or vibe) can work small miracles.

If you’d like more depth alongside a smaller girth, check out the Deluxe Dilator Set. This set of five dildos starts small and increases incrementally in width and length for a diversity of options.

Doubling Down

There are more choices for two-finger toys, and this category makes up the majority of our small dildos. Both the small Union and Fusion are in this group, with widths of 2.8cm or just over an inch. Each of these is also available in medium or large sizes for a three or four-finger experience. The insertable bulb end is the same dimensions in all three sizes, as this is the ideal size to remain secure during play without a harness.

Trio Of Pleasure

Moving on up! The three-fingers category is getting into our medium toys and that extra space is put to amazing use in vibrating dildos. The Sensor Touch is an entire experience in itself, as its vibrating motor rumbles harder each time you squeeze your PC muscles. Kegel your way to bliss one orgasm at a time!

No motor, no problem. The Hot n’ Cool Dildo has a suction cup base for your next romp in the shower. No moving parts makes this toy water-safe and able to be heated (or chilled) to the perfect temperature. The Hot n’ Cool Dildo is harness compatible with blissful curves hitting in all the right places.

Final Four

With four fingers of width and deeper penetration, the large dildos in our collection will leave you beyond satisfied. The handcrafted Electra has a brightly colored design, with realistic surface details in its texture. Its beauty is rivaled by the Sexy Pink Strapon Dildo, another formidable toy that sports a suction cup base. The largest size of the Union is one of our most popular toys that will quickly become a frequent star between your bedsheets.

Whatever toy you choose, try adding a BumpHer as its cushioned backing elevates any strapon experience. And last but not least, remember to keep all digits sliding smoothly with Sliquid Water-Based Lube. Have fun and stay wet!