COVID-19 & Wet For Her

COVID-19 & Wet For Her

All our products were manufactured, packaged and stored months ago before the virus existed and the Covid-19 virus lasts 2 to 3 days on plastic, 24 hours on cardboard and up to a four hours stain steel.

Therefore, we recommend that once your products arrive in the mail, from us and/or from other websites, open it, discard the external packaging, and wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. See how to properly wash your hands.

It’s always best practice to wash new products/toys when adding them to your collection. Our insertable toys are made with body-safe, non-porous silicone which keeps them safe from viral, bacterial, or fungal contamination as long as they are properly cleaned. Washing with hot water for 30 seconds with mild soap or sex toy cleaner works great on dildos and vibrators. Regarding harnesses, wash them in the washing machine before use at 140°F. This can apply to all your clothing, new and old.

Fully submersible toys, including the packers in our gender-confirming line of products, can be boiled in water for 2-3 minutes to sterilize. Always let your sex toys air dry before you put them away!

For the last decade, my team and I, have been on a mission of providing the best products to our community and we will continue working tirelessly to deliver on this mission.

Stay safe, make love and #StayHome