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Created by women, you can share pleasure during your lovemaking with the Union, Wet For Her’s double ended dildo. Share the pleasure with no strap-on, feel every inch of your partners body.

Made with a bulb to suit every women's morphology and an elongated portion to enter your partner, our double sex toy was designed to stay in place, even in the heat of the action, you can shape the long part into almost any form this is achieved through a copper wire inserted deep inside the silicone. All fantasies are possible !

How does it work?  One of you inserts the “bulb”, the short part,  in her vagina and when you close your legs, thanks to your pc muscles, the female anatomy holds it in place. You are ready to pleasure your partner.

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The earliest the package can be delivered : 18/12/2018

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WetForHer redrew the inescapable lesbian best seller strapless sex toy by providing unique features allowing lesbians couples to use a double dildo fulfilling all its promises.

The Union is tiltable on both sides with the insertion of a copper wire with shape memory in the middle of the silicone. This enables you to choose the angle you want to give it to achieve a larger number of positions. This copper wire inserted grants a better support (it does not fall) while maintaining a soft and supple texture.

An ergonomic stimulator has been added right over the bullet vibe location increasing the wearer’s sensations.

Finally a 5 speed rechargeable via USB port has been added to make it vibrating

Due to its length it will remain in each of you during your back and forth movements.

The Union is also compatible with the harnesses sold on this website.

Tip : The union is a dual strapless toy, the wearer needs to be excited to insert the bulb into her before being able to please her partner. The more excited she will be the easier the buld will insert.

The Union has an insertable length of 5.90 inch with a 1.06 inch diameter for the small size , 1.38" for medium size or 1.61" for the Large. The bulb part has a 1.45" diameter for a length of 2.75" for all the sizes


Small : Length : 15 Cm Diameter : 2.7 Cm - 2 Fingers - Bulb Diameter : 3.7 Cm
Medium : Length : 15 Cm Diameter : 3.5 Cm - 3 Fingers - Bulb Diameter : 3.7 Cm
Large : Length : 15 Cm Diameter : 4.1 Cm - 4 Fingers - Bulb Diameter : 3.7 Cm


We do not exchange sex toy due to the nature of the products but we offer a 50% discount if you picked up the wrong size. The 50% discount will apply on the same sex toy in a different size.


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