12 mind-blowing lesbian sex positions

12 mind-blowing lesbian sex positions

Let’s face it, the last thing we want is for things to get stale in the bedroom!

The daily grind of life can sometimes get in the way of our sex lives leading to a lack of creativity or passion in the boudoir.

Sex should be fun and exciting and perhaps include a few surprises from time to time. To help give your girl-on-girl sex life a little extra spice we’ve come up with a list of 12 lesbian sex positions for you to try with your partner. 

Scissoring Positions


Classic scissoring


In this position, both partners sit opposite each other with legs in an interlocking V, leaning back on straight arms. They rub their vulvas together, stimulating their clits. This position keeps both partners actively engaged.


One girl is kneeling


Here, one partner kneels while the other lies sideways between her legs, facing away. The kneeling partner pulls her partner's thigh towards her, creating a hot dynamic. It requires some balance, but it's incredibly satisfying once mastered.


Scissoring while in a lying position


This is a more laid-back, no pun intended scissoring position when compared to the classic scissoring position. Here both partners are in a half-lying position rubbing their pussies against each other. It’s similar to classic scissoring but more lying down than sitting upright. 


One girl lying on her back and her partner sitting on top


In this position, the girl lying on her back has her leg up on the shoulder of her partner and while they both can rub vaginas and the girl on top can also hold and caress her partner's leg maybe and play with her feet if that turns her on.


One girl on her back but this time with her legs spread wide


In this scissoring position, one partner is on her back with her legs open wide. The other gets into a scissor position and actively rubs her pussy against her partner’s while keeping one knee on the bed and her other leg wrapped around her partner's thigh. In this position, there is the advantage of the weight of the girl on top helping to add a little extra pressure when her pussy is rubbing against her partner’s.


One girl upside down on a sofa


Okay, this is a little more difficult scissoring position but hot as hell when you pull it off! In this position, one of you is lying upside down on a sofa where the head is where the butt usually goes when sitting normally. The partner lying upside down positions herself so that her pussy is exposed and lined up with the top of the sofa. Next, her partner straddles herself on the top of the sofa with one leg along the back of the sofa and rubs her pussy against her partners. 


One girl on her knees facing away from her partner


Perfect for those who enjoy a great view. One partner lies on her back while the other kneels, backing up to rub her vulva and possibly her ass against her partner.


One girl on her back with her legs open like an Amazon position


In this variation, one partner lies on her back with legs pulled towards her chest while the other positions herself between her partner’s legs, supporting herself with her arms and rubbing their vulvas together.


Amazing lesbian strap-on sex positions


To use a strap-on dildo one partner will wear a strap-on harness or underwear that has an O hole to push the dildo through. With the strap-on dildo ready to go the dildo wearer can penetrate her partner leaving her hands free to do other things. The strap-on dildo can be used for vaginal and anal penetration. Don’t forget plenty of lube!


Classic missionary position but with a strap-on dildo


In this position, one girl is on her back with her legs spread open. Her partner wearing the strap-on dildo will penetrate her from above in classic missionary style.


Doggy style - another classic!


The doggy style will never go out of fashion and for good reason. It’s a great position for penetration and with an amazing view of your partner's gorgeous ass to boot! In this position, one partner is on her hands and knees (the doggy position), legs slightly open. Her partner will then penetrate her from behind. The doggy-style position is great for energetic thrusting and can be done on a bed, on the floor or the edge of a bed.


The spooning position, great for slow-sex lovers!


This is a nice position for slow and sensual sex and provides an opportunity to kiss which is not possible in doggy style. Here, one partner is lying behind the other in a spooning position and armed with a strap-on dildo! She will gently penetrate her vagina or anus from behind while kissing and caressing her partner's breasts.


The lotus position is another great one for slow and sensual sex


The lotus position can be done with a strap-on dildo or even with a double dildo. In this position, both girls are in a semi-upright position. One girl will have her legs open to receive the dildo while her partner penetrates. In this position, both girls are very close, as close as you can get in fact while kissing and caressing each other for hours.


We hope these mind-blowing lesbian sex positions add some extra spice to your love life, just as much as I enjoyed writing about them!