Celebrating Non-Binary Awareness Week: Embracing Radical Intersectionality

Celebrating Non-Binary Awareness Week: Embracing Radical Intersectionality

Non-Binary Awareness Week is an important time to honor and uplift the experiences of non-binary individuals, challenge societal norms, and foster a more inclusive and empowered world. It is a vital occasion to celebrate the diverse identities within the gender spectrum, destigmatize non-binary individuals, and cultivate a society that embraces radical inclusivity. At Wet for Her, we believe in celebrating all identities within the LGBTQIA+ community and uplifiting them! This week, we explore the significance of Non-Binary Awareness Week, provide an understanding of what it entails, and offer valuable resources for the non-binary community.


Understanding Non-Binary Identity:

"Non-Binary" is an umbrella term used to refer to a gender-identity that does not fit into the gender binary of male or female. A non-binary person's gender expression can be feminine, masculine, androgynous, or a combination of these.

Non-binary individuals defy the confines of the traditional gender binary, embracing identities that exist outside of the categories of exclusively male or female. Non-binary people may identify as genderqueer, genderfluid, agender, bigender, or other diverse identities. Each person's experience is unique and valid, and it is crucial to honor their self-identified pronouns and expressions.

Non-Binary Awareness Week is crucial for raising awareness and understanding of non-binary experiences, as well as the unique challenges faced by non-binary individuals. By acknowledging and validating non-binary identities, we take a step towards dismantling oppressive systems and creating a world where everyone can thrive authentically. It is our responsibility to support and uplift non-binary voices.


Destigmatizing Non-Binary Folks:

It is important to recognize being Non-Binary is not a trend or a fad. It is not a "phase", nor is it a complicated relationship with yourself. It is important to destigmatize the notion of existing beyond the gender binary. Here are some ways you can destigmatize non-binary folks.

Educate Yourself: Take the initiative to learn about non-binary identities, terminologies, and experiences. Read books, listen to podcasts, and follow non-binary activists and educators on social media to broaden your understanding.

Challenge Gender Norms: Examine your own assumptions and biases around gender. Challenge the binary thinking embedded in language, policies, and societal expectations. Encourage conversations that disrupt traditional gender roles and empower non-binary individuals to express themselves authentically.

Use Inclusive Language: Respect and honor individuals' chosen pronouns and gender identities. Familiarize yourself with non-binary pronouns such as they/them and ze/zir, for example, and make a conscious effort to use them correctly. Apologize and correct yourself if you make mistakes. Move forward mindfully when addressing a non-binary person. We don't want to make you feel dumb or rude. Just apologize, move forward, and commit to do better the next time. Your actions will speak louder than your words (in most cases!)

Amplify Non-Binary Voices: Center and uplift non-binary voices and experiences. Share their stories, art, and achievements on social media, within your community, or through educational platforms. Promote non-binary creators and organizations, helping to amplify their visibility and representation.


Supporting the Non-Binary Community:

Advocate for Inclusive Policies: Encourage workplaces, educational institutions, and organizations to implement inclusive policies that support non-binary individuals. This can include providing gender-neutral restrooms, updating official documents to include non-binary options, and creating safe spaces that respect diverse gender expressions.

Seek Consent and Inclusion: When organizing events or activities, ensure that registration forms and materials provide gender-inclusive options. Create an environment where participants can self-identify and express their gender comfortably, without pressure or assumptions.

Foster Safe Spaces: Establish support groups, community centers, or online platforms that specifically cater to non-binary individuals. These spaces should prioritize inclusivity, respect, and a sense of belonging, allowing non-binary people to connect, share experiences, and find support.

Financial Support: Contribute to organizations that provide resources, advocacy, and support to the non-binary community. Consider donating to initiatives that offer scholarships, healthcare access, or legal aid to marginalized non-binary individuals.


Resources for the Non-Binary Community:

As for Non-Binary folks, here are some resources compiled to help you.

Gender Spectrum (www.genderspectrum.org): Gender Spectrum provides a wealth of resources, including educational materials, support groups, and workshops for non-binary individuals and their families.

National Center for Transgender Equality (www.transequality.org): This organization offers legal resources, policy advocacy, and community-building initiatives for transgender and non-binary individuals.

Nonbinary.org (www.nonbinary.org): A comprehensive online resource providing information on non-binary identities, pronouns, and terminology, as well as personal stories and community forums.

Therapy for Non-Binary Folks: Connect with therapists who specialize in supporting non-binary individuals through platforms like Pride Counseling (www.pridecounseling.com) and Open Path Collective (www.openpathcollective.org).


As we celebrate Non-Binary Awareness Week, let us commit to being allies and advocates for the non-binary community. By actively challenging gender norms, centering pleasure, and embracing radical intersectionality, we can create a world that honors and respects all identities. Wet for Her stands alongside the non-binary community, offering our support, resources, and dedication to inclusivity. Together, let us celebrate diversity and work towards a future where every individual can live authentically and proudly.

About the author:

Victory (they/them) is a Latine trans non-binary content creator, artist, social media advisor, and community healer. With several years of experience as a mentor and advocate for the queer community, Victory boasts a passion for sexual wellness, trauma-informed healing, social justice issues, and intersectional advocacy for the LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC community. In their spare time, Victory enjoys spending time outside in nature, DJ'ing, creating art, playing video games, and playing with hula hoops and fire. You can find and support their community work, art, and business at @flowingfrequency on Instagram and TikTok