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Designed for clitoral and all-over body stimulation, SIRI benefits from a stronger and more efficient motor, allowing for even more intense and targeted vibes over 6 vibration modes.

SIRI's ergonomically contoured shape meanwhile directs the improved vibration strength through the quietest buzz, ensuring nothing comes between you and those soon-to-be discovered heights.

SIRI is made with 100 body-safe silicone and arrives in a luxury gift box with charger, user manual and 1-Year warranty included

•    Body Safe FDA approved. Materials phthalate-free silicone and PC-ABS
•    Rechargeable Li-ion battery 4 hours of pleasure from a 2-hour charge
•    Six stimulation modes from soft flutter to intense pulsations
•    Greater power with precision engineered for a more satisfying vibe
•    Sensual design for external pleasures
•    Silky smooth finish that begs to be touched
•    Intuitive interface dial total control over sensations
•    Discreet performance fully lockable with near-silent vibrations
•    1-Year warranty


How does a vibrator work and what is its purpose?

Vibrators are toys that well, vibrate! They provide a sensual addition to your masturbation sesh, while you’re with your partner(s) and can add flexibility and versatility to sex. They can be used externally or internally and usually come with unique designs and plenty of variations in vibrations. Their purpose is to aid in having a stronger orgasm and more empowering sexual experience.

How do I clean a vibrator?

We suggest investing in a paraben and phthalate free cleanser for all of your toys as these tend to clean both porous and nonporous materials well. If your vibrator is waterproof or water resistant, use a mild antibacterial soap with warm water and make sure to wipe your vibrator dry with either non-scented wipes or a clean washcloth. To preserve the shelf life of your vibrator, we suggest storing it inside a case or a silk pouch.

Why should I use a vibrator?

Vibrators are tools meant to empower us in our sexuality and allow us space to explore our bodies. Having knowledge of what you like and what feels good is powerful! They can be great additions to foreplay by making sex more enjoyable and also enhance solo play by increasing the likelihood of explosive orgasms. What’s there not to like?

How do I care for a vibrator?

You’ll want to make sure you regularly clean your vibrator, preferably after every use, so it doesn’t accumulate grimy bacteria and residue. Over time without much cleaning, sex toys can become hotspots for UTIs, bacterial infections, and possibly STIs if you are using it with multiple partners. We advocate sexual responsibility and wellness! To preserve the shelf life of your vibrator, we suggest storing it inside a case or a silk pouch.

Is a vibrator for internal or external use? Both?

Vibrators can be used both internally and externally. This is why they’re such popular sex toys as they are incredibly versatile! You can use it for clitoral stimulation, G-spot stimulation, stimulation for erogenous zones, and even during penetration. The possibilities are endless!

How do I turn on a vibrator?

Most vibrators come with instructions on how to operate them. Usually, you’ll either have to press a button or activate a switch. Some vibrators use remote controls, such as sybian machines.

Am I supposed to use lube with a vibrator?

You absolutely can if you would like to, especially if you have a hard time getting or staying wet. We’ll never discourage lube! However, one of the perks of having a vibrator is its ability to get you really wet AND help you stay wet. But again, we’ll never discourage lube!

What are the benefits of a vibrator compared to another sex toy?

Vibrators provide instant satisfaction and can help escalate orgasms to new heights very quickly and intensely without penetration. Some vibrators come as dildos so you can get the best of both worlds, too! They’re also very popular for masturbation and can increase body awareness to help us learn what feels good for us.

Are vibrators waterproof?

Some are and some aren’t. It really depends on the one you get and prefer to use. While some people prefer using vibrators in the shower, others don’t. Always make sure to double check if your toy is waterproof as this can affect how you clean and maintain it.