National Sex toy Day

National Sex toy Day

As brisk Autumn winds arrive for the season, you can look forward to quality indoor adventures if you have the right sex toys at hand. November 4th is National Sex Toy Day, and to celebrate we’ve put together a Top 5 list of toys for this shiver-inducing season! 

Winter is coming, and you should be too.

#5 Sometimes Punishment Is The Reward

Everyone starts somewhere, and the Intro to S&Mpackage is a perfect place to begin exploring power dynamics in the bedroom. While this set is designed to be gentle on folks new to kink, don’t let the fuzzy handcuffs fool you as these toys can play hard.

The high-quality fabric flogger features a short handle for intuitive control in landing the perfect smack on just the right spot. The black satin blindfold is a simple yet powerful tool; losing vision can elevate other senses for the wearer and adds a layer of sensual vulnerability. 

#4 Extend Your Orgasms

A couple inches can go a long way. Ranking as our fourth pick, the WFH Finger Extender lets you reach deeper and achieve G-spot stimulation while still retaining the intimacy and control of your own hand. Intuitive to use and with mind-blowing results, this toy will elevate any solo experience or partnered play.

Part of the Wet For Her product line, the Finger Extended is 4.7” long and snugly fits two fingers while providing an ample three fingers girth. Check out our unique WFH Finger Sizing chart

#3 Do You Believe In Magic? You Will Soon.

The Hitachi Magic Wandis a celebrated classic, and for good reason! The powerful rumblings reliably save the day when a standard-issue vibe won’t get the job done. 

Our model ditches the cumbersome wall cord of older wands, taking pleasure on the go with a powerful and rechargeable battery that can hold two hours of intense vibrations.

Part of the magic of the hitachi is how art intertwines with eroticism. An entire video series, appropriately titled Hysterical Literature, features women reading a book while being distracted below the table with persistent rumblings. How long could youlast?

#2 Let Your Body Feel The Rhythm

It’s your body, why shouldn’t you get to be the DJ? Coming in solidly at number 2, the Luxe Sensor Dildo gives you creative control over the vibes. Designed to respond to the body’s PC muscles, this dildo vibrates harder when you squeezeharder. 

The Luxe Sensor is harness compatible, and its suction cup base can adhere to tile, glass, or other handily-available smooth surfaces. This delightful toy has 10 motor functions for varied sensations, giving a new element of pleasurable control to anyone lucky enough to find the Luxe Sensor Dildo inside them.

#1 A Perfect Pairing Of Sensations

With a dual-purpose motor offering a fusion of pulsating or vibrating sensations, the BiStronic Fusioncomes in at number one for good reason. The internal shaft of this dildo has a piston that causes back-and-forth thrusting motion, and the external wing covers just the right spot with its buzzing vibes. There are 64 total combinations between the two motors, making this toy a sure win with those who like overwhelming sensations.


The smooth, curved surface is perfect for vaginal or anal play. The BiStronic Fusion is fully submersible, so enjoy some steamy hot baths, play safe and come often this chilly season!

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