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Riding The Wave

While orgasms don’t always have to be the focus of great sex, intentionally taking charge of whenhow, and iforgasm occurs can be a powerful and potent aphrodisiac. 

Orgasm control, also called edging or surfing, is the process of getting to the brink of orgasm, stopping or slowing until arousal drops, and then coming back to the edge again. Repeat the process for a truly earth-shattering release once climax is finally reached.

Edging is often discovered during solo explorations. Masturbating to the edge and then pulling back maintains a heightened state of arousal for an extended period of time, creating immense sexual tension with explosive potential. Of course, to maintain that state of arousal you’ll need an effective lubricant that can last as long as you. We love Uberlube for its uber slickness that doesn’t evaporate or change textures.

What’s The Point?

Anyone eager to embark on the journey of edging should become familiar with their point of no return. This is the point when orgasm is inevitable; any additional stimulation and your body will involuntary release. Pay attention to your body’s cues, such as the pace of breathing and muscle tension. Knowing the signs can help you surf the edge of pleasure without tumbling over.

One of the best toys on the market for orgasm control is the Magic Wand; its powerful vibrations will bring you to the edge over and over and over again. Practice makes perfect.

Take Control Of Your Partner’s Pleasure

Even more intoxicating is discovering your partner’spoint of no return and introducing orgasm control as a tool of power play. Keep your lover in a heightened state of arousal by taking charge, controlling the flow of pleasure, and delaying release. Use anticipation and denial to create overwhelming sexual tension. 

 A slow build and steady burn is crucial to this task. Start by tending those often-ignored erogenous zones with Sliquid Massage Oil; rub her elbows and armpits and the back of her neck. Don’t forget the feet! 

The trick is to not overstimulate the clitoris, which is easy to do given it has over 8,000 sensitive nerve endings. Instead, invite the whole body to participate.Orgasms Must Be Earned

If orgasm is being withheld, then it naturally follows that permission to indulge must be granted. Incorporate this into your dirty talk by reminding your lover. Make her beg for permission when she thinks she’s ready. If orgasm occurs before your command, punishment may be in order!

Conveniently, the companion to orgasm denial is forced orgasms. Sometimes even multipleforced orgasms. 

Restraints are useful in this scenario, as they allow your attention to focus elsewhere. Our expertly designed Double Dildo is a versatile strapless option offering a high degree of control while keeping your hands free for other purposes. 

That purpose will want to include the Womanizer Deluxe, an innovative PleasureAir device offering dual sensations of vibration and suction. Said to deliver quick, intense, and repeated clitorial orgasms, the Womanizer Deluxe can also be used during penetration or on other sensitive spots such as nipples.

As with any power play, aftercare is important. Particularly with more powerful orgasms, emotions may be heightened. Take a moment immediately after play to check in and offer comforting touch to your lover. This builds trust, intimacy, and communication, so don’t neglect your post orgasmic cuddles!

Play safe, find your edge, and come often! Or.... don’t. 

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