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New Year, Who ‘Dis?

Welcome to 2020! Having finally rounded the corner and triumphed (or survived) the latest holiday season, it’s time to settle back and release a bit of that stress you accumulated over the past year. The New Year is full of traditions (some more superstitious than others) to help you maximize your potential, and honestly? We’re here for all of them. 


Chow down on southern style black-eyed peas? Check.

Avoid sweeping your house to keep good luck inside? Check!

Lower your stress levels by having incredible orgasms? Checkmate.

Orgasms: Your Frontline Offense

Life is just plain stressful, but when stress becomes overwhelming it can have far-reaching impacts on our physical and mental health. Chronic stress can lead to constant low-level inflammation, which over time causes the body’s systems to break down. This leads to everything from headaches and insomnia to autoimmune disorders, cardiac issues, and mental health struggles. 

In our busy modern world, it’s become necessary for us to create intentional self-care routines that prioritize stress management. Physical touch can ignite a chain-reaction of brain chemistry, flooding our systems with oxytocinand leaving us happy, relaxed, and receptive to emotional connection. Studieshave shown that individuals who have more satisfying sexhave lower baseline blood pressure and more robust immune systems, both key indicators of how your body is coping with stress and inflammation. Orgasms boast a whole host of health benefits on their own, but some evidence suggests the mood-lifting effects of orgasms during partnered encounters last longer.

When brain scans were used to take a peek at the mindduring orgasm, scientists found these blissful experiences lit up the same regions of the brain associated with compassion and meditation. There’s even research that suggests daily sexual activity causes cell growth in the hippocampus, the brain region responsible for processing emotions, memories, and stress.


And let’s not discount the vigorous physical exercise that a spectacular harness and strap-onsession can provide! Wet For Her staff have officially voted our UNION Double Dildoas “The Best Way to Workout in 2020.”

What If This All Sounds... Stressful?

As wonderful as orgasms can be, there are obvious downsides to putting all your stress relief dreams into one precarious basket. Orgasms can be elusive or even impossible to achieve at times and setting orgasms as the One True Goal isn’t doing yourself any favors. Heck, it can even open whole new avenues for stress. 

Spending time focused on your body in sensual-but-nonsexual ways will still unlock a treasure trove of happy brain chemistry. Cuddling has been called a miracle drug, so find a squeezable loved one or soft fur friend for a dose of holistic healing. Get a massage, take a bath, or just give yourself permission to melt into bed. 


Whether through partnered romance or radical self-love, make space for your personal pleasure 

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