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Introducing the WowHer™ - Put a Ring on it

Introducing the WowHer™ - Put a Ring on it

It’s been more than ten years since the design of our first lesbian sex toy, and the Wet For Her product line continues to grow. So does our passion for creating women-centric pleasure tools, which is why we developed our newest release, the WowHer™. A clit-vibe with a sleek modern aesthetic, this simple sex toy works as an accessory to level up your favorite dildo or perform as the main act. Either way, your clit will be begging for an encore.

Further to our Lesbian Sex Survey conducted in August 2019, 76% of women reported that they need a clitoris stimulation to have a vaginal orgasm. With such a high figure, we decided to work on a small accessories that will help our sisters to have better orgasm and more often with our strap-on dildos.

Don’t Dodge This Bullet

The WowHer™ was created with pleasure foremost in mind, but we couldn’t help but prioritize beauty in its design. Sex is exquisite to all the senses, and so should the toys you bring into your bedroom. The  WowHer™ is a vibrating ring that works equally well when slid over a dildo or fingers. We recommend experimenting with both (for science, of course!). The silicone extension has a rippled texture on its underside that gives constant clitoral stimulation during penetrative sex. The WowHer™ is available in the Wet For Her signature colors of pink, purple, or black.

The powerhouse in this divine little gadget is a removable bullet vibrator with five vibration modes. There are no batteries to worry about, as this toy comes with a USB charging cord and holds enough power for about an hour of fun. This bullet is easy to remove for cleaning or charging, and conveniently is compatible with many of our other toys and harnesses.

If You Like It, Put A Ring On It

Can you make an already fabulous dildo even better? Yup. The sleek ring of the  WowHer™ is made of flexible silicone that can slide onto any dildo between .8 to 2.4 inches. It is soft where it needs to be but firm where it counts, and will remain snug in its position during any, ahem, vigorous activity. It is compatible with harness play or freehand dildo fun, so crank up the heat on these already smokingly-hot encounters. 

The WowHer™ is of course compatible with double dildos, and pairing the two together is something we strongly recommend you try. If you haven’t played with a double dildo before, the Union and the Four are serious game changers. The WowHer™ will purr and rumble in ways felt on both ends, and this combination of vibrations and penetration can lead to some truly earth-shattering orgasms for both.

A Hand on Approach

Is the tactile sensation of fingers slipping over, around, and into you a lip-biting, moan-worthy fantasy you crave? Whether it’s your hand or a lover’s, the WowHer™s ergonomic ring fits easily around a few fingers. Let your digits explore while the  WowHer™ keeps a delightful buzz exactly where you want it. Unlike other finger vibes, this one stays put on its own so your fingers are free to wander.

Are you Wet?

The  WowHer™ is splash-proof and fully endorsed by our in-house testers for shower play. However, please note that it should never be fully submerged. This vibe is quiet and small which also makes it an ideal travel companion for on-the-road stress relief. Oh the possibilities!

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