An iconic vibrator has been set free: after being plugged on the wall for decades, the Magic Wand has finally gone wireless! That’s right; you don’t need to take an extension cord when you travel or rearrange you whole bedroom’s furniture anymore, as the sex toy is now fully mobile and can come with you wherever you go.

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What you get with our product is powerful vibrations, less noise, a soft silicone tip for intense penetration, as well as four levels of intensity – from low to ultra – and four speeds. It's up to you to select what best suits your mood and needs. Powered by a rechargeable lithium battery, the vibrator provides total relaxation and release, whether external or internal. From decreasing tension to stimulating the clitoris, there's a lot it can do for a woman who wants to indulge in a little private party. Delivered with a charger, it can also be used while plugged (without charging though). With three hours of autonomy when fully charged, it benefits from a security and energy saving feature that turns it off after 20 minutes of uninterrupted use. It is recommended that you let it cool down afterwards, even if it is still possible to use it straight away.

Please note that the sex toy is not waterproof and should be kept away from wet areas. It comes in white ABS plastic, a silicone tip and a blue silicone joystick. Dimensions: length = 32cm, cord length = 15cm. Charger included (110-240V50/60Hz).


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