Wet for her, created by lesbians for lesbians, offers a new approach to sexuality.
Learn the success story behind Wet For Her, lesbian sex toys manufacturer and online sex shop for sex toys, strap-ons, double ended dildos, strapless sex toys, strap-on harness and erotic accessories for lesbian couples. Following a disappointing and fruitless search for non realistic sex toys created by and for lesbians, Wet For Her was founded in 2009 by Alice with the aim of providing lesbian sex toys designed and manufactured for lesbian couples.
Tired of catalogues and sex shops that cater to the general needs of heterosexual couples, she opened the Wet For Her online boutique in 2011 in order to create a lesbian sex shop dedicated to the needs of women who love women and focusing exclusively on their needs.
Focusing the product offering on non-realistic sex toy designs that are both simple and made from high quality materials and 100% silicone, Wet For Her became a must-see lesbian sex shop for all lesbian couples who wish to add a little variety to their pleasure routines. Today, Wet For Her sells its products in Europe, the United States, and Australia and continues to develop its offering of erotic accessories at the best price point and of the highest quality made for lesbian couples from around the gay friendly world. While at trade shows Alice met other lesbian entrepreneurs offering products complimentary to the offerings at Wet For Her like harnesses, baby making sex toys, strap ons, lubricant, massage oils etc.
Realizing that they were as excited as she was to offer lesbian made products for lesbian couples, Alice saw that carrying their products was a match made in heaven and would make Wet For Her a 100% lesbian sex shop promoting lesbian businesses.
This means that when you visit the Wet For Her online shop, you’ll find products from brands like RodeoH, Spareparts, Bs Is Nice and Rainbow Lube which are also lesbian companies. Discover all of our products designed and made especially for you and your relationship. Make love, spread love and join our Love Wall international.
We believe
Relationship Longevity
We believe in relationship longevity through a healthy sexuality. It's up to each individual and every couple to find a sexual harmony with or without toys.
Women's Sexuality
We believe queer women's sexuality deserves the creation and development of products specifically designed for us and in accordance with our lifestyle.
Power Of Inclusion
We believe in the power of inclusion. Our mission and toys do not discriminate, and we recognize that neither "lesbians" nor "women" constitute a monolithic group.
Quality Of Products
We believe in the quality of our products. Our products are expertly designed and manufactured with only the best available materials.
We believe the satisfaction of our customers is essential. We listen to feedback and always strive to offer our products at an affordable price.
Wet For Her was originally created by lesbians for lesbians, but the mission
and the toys don't discriminate. It is Wet For Her's goal to make this a
welcoming space for queer women and the folx they love by celebrating a
diverse range of bodies, genders, and orientations.
So whether you identify as lesbian, bisexual, or queer; Cis,
trans, or nonbinary — welcome to wet for her!