When will my order be sent?
Your order will be picked up by carrier within 48 hours after the payment has been received. If you choose Express delivery, don't forget to add on the 24 hours it takes us to prepare the order, that is, 1 day to prepare the order + delivery time.
On which days are orders dispatched?
Orders are dispatched from Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays.
If you order on Tuesday, your order will be dispatched within Thursday.
If you order on Friday, your order will be dispatched within Monday.
How long does delivery take?
For standard delivery in the U.K., it is usually 7 to 10 days, but lately with COVID issues, it's possible that shipment will take a little longer.

Express Delivery means delivery will be made in 2-3 business days, but don't forget to add the order preparation time of 24 hours.

During the Christmas and Valentine's Day periods, we advise you to add 2 additional days to the delivery time due to work overload in postal sorting centres.

How do I track my order?
Once your order has been shipped you will receive an email from our post-purchase provider (ShipUp) with the tracking number. Simply click on the tracking link, also enter the tracking number given by carrier on your National Post Company website, you will be able to track your delivery in real time.
Do you deliver to postal point?
For the moment we don't deliver to postal points but we hope to be able to offer this service soon.
Can I add special instructions for the postman/deliveryman?
Only the name and address lines description will appear on the transport label. We can not ask the postman to put the package behind the flowerpot in the entrance hall, or below the letter boxes.
What happens if I'm not at home for the delivery?
Normally, the postman will leave a note and return the next day. If after 2 attempts they aren't able to deliver your parcel it will be left at your nearest post office. You will have 2 weeks to pick it up. After 2 weeks the package will be returned to us. Since COVID crisis, or depending on local carrier's policy, your package might be left in your Mailbox/place without signature, or might be left with individual/neighbors, it depends on your local Post babits.
My intercom isn't working. Will the postman call me?
No, the postman does not call if he can't deliver. See paragraph above.
I haven't received an email with my tracking number. Where can I find it?
As Wet For Her is an 'adult' site, our emails are sometimes redirected to your SPAM. Check your SPAM folders.
If you can't find it, log in to your client area and in 'Order history and details' you will find the tracking number. If the name of the carrier is not indicated, send us an email and we will send you all the details by return.
It's been 10 days since my parcel was dispatched and it still hasn't been delivered. What should I do?
International shippings may be longer than usual, with COVID crisis. Check on your tracking. Also, the Post Office may have tried to deliver it but you weren't at home. Have you checked your letter box? The Postman leaves a non-delivery notification so you can pick up your package at your post office.
If you have not received a notice and your package has still not been delivered: contact us at support(at)wetforher.zendesk.com
Discreet Shipping
Do you send your parcels discreetly?
All our packages are sent discreetly. There is no logo and no name Wet For Her on the box.
But for outside European Union countries, customs obliges us to attach your invoice, which shows the name of the products (sex toy, dildo etc...), to your package.
I have tried to pay but it isn't working and i have money in my account. What should i do?
Wet For Her is an 'adult' site and occasionally some banks can be difficult. We advise you to try 2 or 3 times. If payment is still refused send us an email to service(at)wetforher.com and we will send you a link you can use to pay.
What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa and Mastercard. You can also pay using Paypal if you have an account.
What will appear on my bank statement?
If you pay by PayPal or using your credit card the name Wet For Her will appear on your bank statement.
Do you have a phone number where I can contact you?
We do not have a public phone number because we have had calls for other services that we do not offer. Send us an email to support(at)wetforher.zendesk.com and we will get back to you within 24 hours
I made a mistake on the delivery address. How can i change it?
You must contact us as soon as possible atsupport(at)wetforher.zendesk.com so that our logistician can make the change. Unfortunately, if you have received the tracking number, or if your order has already been prepared and shipped out for carrier pick up, we can no longer make changes.
Products And Uses
Do your products include batteries?
Yes, all our vibrating products contain batteries, power packs and/or cables.
How do i choose the right size for my harness?
Each has its own size guide. Therefore, you should refer to the Spareparts Hardwear size chart for Tomboi, Sasha, Joque and Theo products and the RodeoH size guide for other harnesses.
You can find the size guide for each harness in the product sheet or in the size guide
When should i buy a stabilizer for the harness?
If you use one of our harnesses with a sex toy (not bought on our site) that doesn't have a wide base, it is advisable to buy the stabilizer so that it stays in the pants.
Equally, if you use a small diameter sex toy (less than 2.5 cm) it is also advisable to buy the stabilizer to offer more support.
Are all sex toys compatible with all harnesses sold on your site?
All sex toys sold on the Wet For Her site are compatible with our harnesses, apart from the Fusion sex toy, see below.
Can I use the Fusion sex toy with all the harnesses sold on your site?
We recommend using the Fusion sex toy with SpareParts Hardwear brand harnesses. The SpareParts harness' O'ring places the base of the sex toy on the clitoris.
The Packer Gear harness places the sextoy on the Mount Venus or higher.
Can I use harness with a double sex toy?
Yes, all our harnesses can accommodate a double Wet For Her sex toy, or other brands. Inside the harnesses there is a fabric flap that can be lowered (Packer Gear harness) or be moved aside (SpareParts Hardwear harness) to accommodate the double sextoy.
My product is defective. What should i do?
A lot of care is taken in the manufacture of our products, nevertheless, if one of our products is defective, please write to our Customer Service so that we can send you a return label that will allow you to return the product via the mail at no cost. Please return the complete product accompanied, if necessary, by its charger (batteries included), certificate or authenticity card, its storage pocket, and, of course, a proof of purchase (invoice).
I feel pain in the pubic area after using a strap-on dildo. Is this normal?
This is quite normal. Unlike in a heterosexual couple, the pubic areas of lesbian couples are not accustomed to receiving small impacts. So the nerve endings are very sensitive. A woman wearing a harness must start slowly and once the pubic area has become accustomed, you can increase the intensity. After you have used it two or three times, your public area will be used to it and you won't experience any more pain. When you start, you can slip a sock between the sex toy and your pubis to cushion it against the impacts.
Exchanges And Returns
I chose the wrong size, can i exchange my product?

We only exchange harnesses if they are new, unworn and in their original packaging (not torn). To carry out an exchange contact our customer service department at support(at)wetforher.zendesk.com

Sex toys and dildos : the nature of the product means we cannot exchange sex toys but we do offer a 50% discount on the same product in a different size.
We cannot exchange vibrators and cosmetics.
I would like to cancel my order. What should I do?
You have 14 days to cancel your order and return the products to us. Products must be new, unused and unopened. Send us an email at support(at)wetforher.zendesk.com so that we can tell you the procedure to follow.
Affiliate Programme
What is the affiliate programme?
Please check the FAQs page refering to the Affiliate Programme
How does the affiliate programme work?
Please check the FAQs page refering to the Affiliate Programme
How do i promote this to my network?
Please check the FAQs page refering to the Affiliate Programme
How do you track sales?
Please check the FAQs page refering to the Affiliate Programme
How much commision do i get paid?
Please check the FAQs page refering to the Affiliate Programme
When will i get paid my commission?
Please check the FAQs page refering to the Affiliate Programme