Wet for Her 2022 Pride Guide

Wet for Her 2022 Pride Guide

Whether you are out and proud, still questioning, or waiting for your time to emerge from the closet, Pride is a time for everyone within the LGBTQIA+ spectrum to honor and celebrate! To show you our Pride, we’ve compiled our top toys we know you’ll love! Whether you’re into strap-ons, anal plugs, or something want to read a good book, we’ve got you covered this month for Pride. Wet for Her is a queer-owned and operated business. We’re a small team but we sure do know how important representing and honoring our community is!

Check out our Pride 2022 gift guide for our complete list of toys!

Gender Affirming Gear


TransTape is a safe, waterproof and sweatproof chest, packing and body tape, meaning it can be worn in the shower, the pool and even in the ocean! Designed for multiple day wear, our tape will keep you confident for long weekends and vacations.

Chest Binder

Binders in white short or long offers more freedom in mobility for the arms and upper back. It offers a comfortable fit without compromising front compression. The moisture wick materials means it keeps the body cool and dry. The low-neck design offers more choices of clothing to wear with it. The binder is available in short or long, and in sizes S to XXL.

Stealth Bros. Discreet Hormone Therapy Injectables Kit

Organize your shot day! This limited edition faux leather discreet injectable medication travel kit makes for easy storage. This kit includes this limited faux leather carrier with a compact discreet sharps container. Available in purple or black.

Check out the rest of our specially curated Gender Affirming Gear line here!




Elevate your scissoring technique with the RockHer™ Mini Scissoring Vibrator. Created especially with scissoring in mind, this unique toy has 10 vibrational settings and wireless remote control. This is a must-have for long time lovers of frottage and for novices wanting to explore the world of scissoring. Want to use the RockHer with a partner? Introducing the RockHer Duo for dual pleasure and orgasms!

Rainbow Bullet Vibrator

Get your hands on the award-winning RO-80MM bullet vibrator. With 7 different settings, this little vibrator can deliver a powerful pleasure experience, don’t let the smaller size fool you. Pop it in your purse or travel-on, so you are never without your pleasure tool while traveling.


Strap-On Dildos

Rainbow Strap-On

What’s not to love about a strap-on dildo that features the rainbow? Be loud and proud under the sheets with this Rainbow Strap-On Dildo. Handcrafted and made of 100% silicone, the Rainbow strap-on dildo has a smooth and soft texture whilst being firm and flexible.


Pride Strap-On

The Pride Strap-on is a colorful, sleek, and modern dildo that will bring some Pride to your toy box! This small and fun strap-on dildo features a curved shape shaft for G-Spot and P-Spot stimulation. Not only is the Pride dildo soft and flexible, but it is also made with platinum-cured silicone, making it super body-safe, non-porous, and easy to clean!


Transgender Pride Strap-On

Inspired by the colors of the Trans flag, the True Blue Strap-on Dildo is shaped with pleasure-pleasing curves. It features a strong suction cup that securely sticks to almost any surface, making it ideal for solo play. It’s also harness compatible and can be used for strap-on sex too. Made with high-quality silicone, its body-safe and easy to clean. Smooth and soft in texture, the True Blue strap-on dildo is firm yet flexible.


Lesbian Pride Strap-On

Shaped like a realistic dildo but with a modernistic twist, the Lesbian Pride Dildo does not only look stylish, but it delivers tons of pleasure too! Designed to hit the g-spot during penetration, the Lesbian Pride Dildo does not disappoint. It features a powerful suction cup base that can be stuck onto any surface, perfect for solo play. It can even be used in the shower or in the bath. It’s harness compatible too for partner play. It’s made from platinum-cured silicone making it completely body-safe and silky soft to touch.


Anal Plugs


Rainbow Pride Plug


The rainbow pride plug is made of satin-smooth, platinum silicone, and a suction base which means you can stick it anywhere you want! For solo play, you can use it in the shower, bath, or wherever you want. Pride anal plugs are available in assorted sizes and are compatible with hybrid and water-based lubricants. Show your pride with the Rainbow Pride Plug!


Gender Fluid Pride Plug


Modern, stylish, and handsome - meet the Gender Fluid Pride Plug! These unique artisanal toys are crafted with care and passion. This plug offers a safe and easy insertion thanks to its design and its carefully crafted body-safe, platinum-cured silicone. All of our plugs are non-porous, boilable, and easy to clean. They warm with your body or can be warmed by running under warm water. Our goal is to create toys that are as beautiful as your desires!


Asexual Pride Plug


Introducing the Asexual Pride Plug! Perfect for the Ace in your life! Want to try something unique? This toy is the perfect fit!





The Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year


Written by a refreshing group of individuals of various genders and sexualities, this arousing anthology explores identities and stories beyond the usual lesbian erotica.


Cross Gender Fun for Everyone


In this, the first book ever about cross-gender play for people of all identities and sexes, Dr. Vera presents the importance of crossing gender as a method of self-discovery and growth.


The Whole Lesbian Sex Book


Finally, a guide for lesbian, bisexual, butch, femme, androgynous, transgender or for those who have discovered that they want to have sex with a woman.


Take Me There: Trans and Genderqueer Erotica


Take Me There is an erotic collection unlike any other, celebrating the pleasure, heat and diversity of transgender and genderqueer sexualities.


Trans Like Me: Conversations For All of Us


Trans Like Me explores the ways that we are all defined by ideas of gender--whether we live as he, she, or they--and how we can strive for authenticity in a world that forces limiting labels.


About the Author


Victory (they/them) is a latine trans non-binary content creator, artist, social media expert, and community healer. With several years of experience as a mentor and advocate for the queer community, Victory boasts a passion for sexual wellness, trauma-informed healing, social justice issues, and intersectional advocacy for the LGBTQIA+ community. In their spare time, Victory enjoys spending time outside in nature, creating art, playing video games, and playing with hula hoops and fire. You can find and support their community work, art, and business at @flowingfrequency on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.