Gender Affirming Gear

  • Wet for Her 2022 Pride Guide
    Wet for Her 2022 Pride Guide
    It’s the greatest time of the year and we get to celebrate all month long! Pride 2022 is here and we’re queer as ever! Pride is a time to celebrate, honor, and uphold the legacy of those who have come before us to bring equity and equality to our community. Many folks celebrate by attending parades and Pride events hosted around their city, while some quietly celebrate from the comfort of their own homes.
  • What is a Packer and How to Use One
    What is a Packer and How to Use One
    Packers are phallic shaped objects, usually made out of silicone, which can be placed in the wearer’s underwear to simulate the look of having a penis. It is particularly used by folks in the transmasculine community, however, it is also popularly used by drag kings and gender non-conforming and gender fluid individuals wanting to experiment with certain looks to combat gender dysphoria. Ultimately, packers are great for anyone wanting to try out the look of carrying a penis. How fun!