Wet For Her, the online store that offers a new approach to sexuality for lesbian and queer communities.
Wet For Her was founded in June 2009 in Paris, France by owner and CEO Alice Derock. Alice was disappointed by the limited offering and availability of non-phallic sex toys for the lesbian and queer communities. Although there was a variety of sex toys available to women on the market, there were not many aimed directly at queer women. Recognising this was a gap in the market, this inspired Alice to design and manufacture products specifically for lesbians and queer women. The first toy created under the Wet For Her banner was the Two Finger Extender. This clever design was an ergonomic extension toy which offered extra length to the fingers. The popularity and the success of the Two Finger Extender resulted not only in sales, but numerous industry awards.
It didn’t take Alice long to realise there was were not many retail spaces dedicated to the lesbian and queer communities, and in 2011 the Wet For Her online boutique was launched. The ethos behind Wet For Her was to create a retail space that understood the needs of same sex female couples and the logistics involved in this. As the company has grown, the vision behind the company has developed too. Wet For Her is now proud to provide a positive space for anyone who may identify as lesbian, bisexual, queer cis, trans, or nonbinary.
Since its launch in 2011, Wet For Her has grown steadily year on year whilst establishing itself as a customer favourite and gaining an international fanbase. The company has expanded on its range of products available online and now stock a variety of strap-on dildos, double dildos, strap-on harnesses, vibrators, lubricants, and sexual accessories. Fast and discreet shipping is offered worldwide. Wet For Her is committed to constantly examining its product range to offer an inclusive selection. Most recently, Wet For Her have added a line of gender affirming transmasculine products. These include an array of FTM packers and dildos, coordinating harnesses, and the most popular STP on the market.
During this time of expansion, Alice has continued to design and manufacture sex toys. This has been an important focus to her as she wants to ensure there are products on the market for lesbian and queer communities. For Alice, it is key that her products are non-realistic or flesh-tone in appearance. She wanted to create products that were neutral which is reflected in the colour choices of the current range of Wet For Her branded products. These are available in black, pink, and purple. It was also important the products were made using 100% medical grade silicone and therefore, completely body safe. This meant products were not only easy to clean but were silky soft to touch too.
The Four Double Dildo was the next product launched under the Wet For Her label. This was an extension of the previous product, the Two Finger Extender. The Five Strap-On Dildo followed shortly after. This product was designed to be used on its own or with a harness. It featured a broad, flat base that would ensure stability and security when used with a harness. The Fusion came next. Its unique base features curved contours that offers non-penetrative pleasure to the harness wearer. The Union followed and this versatile strapless dildo was designed to be used with or without a bullet vibrator. As with all Wet For Her products, the silicone materials allow the pulsing patterns of the vibrations to be felt throughout the toy. The newest addition to the Wet For Her family is the RockHer mini scissoring vibrator, a toy designed to be specifically used while scissoring.
We believe
Relationship Longevity
We believe in long-lasting relationships and healthy sexuality. We believe it is important that each individual and every couple is in sync with their sexual wellbeing with or without toys.
Women's Sexuality
We believe queer women's sexuality deserves the creation, development and production of products specifically designed for us and in accordance with our lifestyle.
Power Of Inclusion
We believe in the power of inclusion. Our mission and toys do not discriminate, and we recognize that neither "lesbians" nor "women" constitute a monolithic group.
Quality Of Products
We believe in and stand behind the quality of our products. Our products are expertly designed and manufactured with only the best available materials.
We believe the satisfaction of our customers is essential. We always listen to feedback and we strive to offer our products at an affordable price.
Wet For Her was originally created by lesbians for lesbians, but the mission
and the toys don't discriminate. It is Wet For Her's goal to make this a
welcoming space for queer women and the folx they love by celebrating a
diverse range of bodies, genders, and orientations.
So whether you identify as lesbian, bisexual, or queer; Cis,
trans, or nonbinary — welcome to wet for her!