Spareparts harness are the best harnesses you can find on the market today. Crafted by a lesbian company in the US, Spareparts Hardwear are made in stretchy materials. They look much more softer and appealing than the leather ones and you can wash them!

Have a look also at the new generation of strap-ons called breif harnesses or panty strap-ons like the Tomboi and Sasha. No more adjustments or buckles, just slip into you brief harness and you are ready. Due to the great elastic waist band, the brief harness will be even more performing than a regular strap-on like the Joque or Theo. You can wear it during the day or at night also.

Spareparts design all theirharness with an O'ring that can fit any strap-on sex toys size. Just push from the inside the sex toy until it stop and you are ready. Also you can add one or two vibrating bullets inside the spareparts strap-on and make your sextoy vibrate.

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There are 13 products

Set Descending Direction
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