Discover the next generation of strap-on harness underwear. No more straps, buckles and adjustments interrupting your fun and killing the mood. Slip into a pair and you’ll be ready in a flash.These underwear harnesses are the perfect solution, stylish, comfortable, durable and best of all washable. If you rock a sportier look, checkout the Tomboi strap-on from Spareparts or the boxer harness.

If you favour a more lipstick style, the Sasha or Bella lingerie strap-ons will make a gorgeous complement to your wardrobe. Whatever your style, we have something to suit your needs.

If you just want to give the style a try, have a little fun or if you want to save a little money, Boxer Harnesses are the perfect underwear harness to get started. Wet For Her harnesses offers the best quality at the lowest price on the market. They’ll perform wonderfully provided you don’t put an overly large sex toy in them.

If you’re looking to invest in a higher quality strap-ons, have a look at the Spareparts brand of harness underwear. Spareparts strap-ons offer quality that will last for years, making them an investment that you’ll never regret.

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There are 13 products

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