How to Clean Your Dildos, Vibrators and Harness

How to Clean Your Dildos, Vibrators and Harness

To clean your sex toys properly, it is important to know the material its made of ; this can be: jelly, cyberskin , silicone or hard plastic. Any WetForHer sex toy is made of 100% silicone, this means that it’s nonporous.
removing germs and bacteria is much easier on a 100% silicone sex toy than on a Jelly or cyberskin didlo. You can always check our product description to know the material used for the sex toy.

The idea to clean sex toys like vibrators and dildos is essential to remove germs that could cause STIs or a bacterial infection. So what is the best way to properly clean your lesbian sex toys?


Cleaning a vibrator made from nonporous materials like silicone is easier than other materials such as jelly rubber and latex for instance, as these can collect microbes in the pores.
Wash the silicon sex toy with a washcloth or your hands with some soap and lukewarm to warm water for about a minute and a half. 

Do not plunge the whole vibrator in water except if it's waterproof. Dry the vibrator using a clean cloth/towel. Avoid oil-based cleansers on silicone sex toys as they might damage your vibrator. Once the vibrator is clean, put it in a clean container or bag, so it is less likely to collect dirt or dust. Before using your sex toys, you may wish to clean it with soap and water. Use warm water, that way it will warm up the sex toy allowing for a more pleasant initial contact.


Cleaning sex toys especially the double dildo is essential. This is even more true if you take turns in wearing and receiving. For a gentle cleaning before and after use, rince the dildo with lukewarm water and soap,. For a deeper clean you can use a sex toy cleaner such as the Mighty Cleaner : If you hate to get out of bed to clean your sex toy before or after making love then the Mighty cleaner is a great product. Have it in your nightstand and you will no longer need to get out of bed to clean your sex toy.
As with vibrators, dry your dildo using a clean cloth/towel and store it in a clean container or bag. 

If you have roommates, children or pets, you may want to cover them and hide them away. Read our blog post on Where to Hide your Dildo to get ideas where to store your dildos


Harnesses have come a long way and you can now buy briefs, panties, boxer style harnesses made of nylon, cotton, spandex and/or modal making their cleaning much more easier..
Before the first use and after each use wash your harness, like you would your other underwear using a garment bag (included in the SpareParts harness) Turn your washing machine on the delicate cycle and tumble dry on a low heat. Harnesses have an o’ring which is elastic and high heat could damage the elastic. Never dry your harness in a tumble dryer. For a longer a long life you may wish to hand wash your harness with soap or mild detergent and dry it on a line.

Watch our instructional videos : How to wash your harnesses

It is best practice and more pleasant that you clean the sex toy you are going to use before and after. Be observant of your sex toys materials when selecting a cleaning technique in order to have a long life with your toy. 

If you have allergies the best is to wash your dildo and vibrators with your intimate hygiene soap.

Have pleasure wisely by being clean!