Double Dildo are among the best lesbian sex toys. Double dildo offer a more intimate experience. Harness-free and strapless, you can enjoy a body-to-body feel. Created by lesbians for lesbians, double dildos are the perfect dildo for simultaneous penetration and pleasure.

This style of strapless dildo is secured via an insertable end held inside the vagina by squeezing one’s PC muscles, leaving the longer shaft free to explore. The best strapless dildo currently on the market is the Union Double Dildo (though perhaps we’re biased!).

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What is a double dildo?

A double dildo is a dildo that is double-sided. Each partner can insert a part of the dildo at the same time and share the pleasure strapless-free. There is a short side called the bulb that the wearer inserts in her vagina and with her pelvic muscle the double dildo stays in place. Then she can penetrate her partner with the long side. A double-ended dildo is used generally without a harness to enjoy strapless free pleasure. But, a double-ended dildo can also be used with a harness to get more stability during sex.

Which double ended dildo should I choose?

Double dildo come in different sizes, shapes, and materials. At Wet For Her we offer 3 sizes of double-ended dildos: Small, Medium, and Large. They are based on a finger size chart. Small is 2 fingers, Medium 3 fingers, and Large 4 Fingers. Check what your partner usually likes. Does she prefer you to insert 2 or 3 fingers? Our Double dildo offers great stability as we have inserted a copper wire inside. The double dildo will not fall or feel too heavy when it slips out of your partner. Double dildo offers a great experience of making love hands-free by adding an extension to your partner without a harness. Double dildo have a vibrating option with bullet vibes that you can remove and use it in a harness for example.

How do I use a Double Dildo

Double dildo are pretty easy to use but you need a bit of experience. Unlike a strapon and harness, you need first to climax to be able to insert the bulb into the wearer vagina. Once inserted you can then hold it with your pelvic muscle and penetrate your partner hands-free and strapless free. We would highly recommend some lube as this will ease the insertion of the bulb at the beginning.
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Double Dildo


Are you ready to experience double the pleasure? Our innovative collection of double dildo will literally blow your mind.

Perfect for penetrative partner play, a double-sided dildo for lesbians is one dildo that guarantees maximum pleasure and satisfaction.

When it comes to finding the right queer folk and women’s dildo, we understand that every person is different, which is why our double ended dildos come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and styles.

Whether you want a doubled sided dildo, specifically designed for women and lesbian couples in the LGBTQIA+ community that focuses on clitoral stimulation, you prefer a strapless double side dildo that can also be attached to a harness, or you are seeking double ended glass dildos that look and feel amazing, all our high-quality double dildos promise to bring orgasmic pleasure to both you and your partner.

Our entire collection of double-sided dildo for lesbians and queer people is designed for couples who want to experience a more intimate sexual experience together. It doesn’t matter if you have never used a double head dildo before; you can still enjoy double-sided dildo lesbian and queer sex with your partner.

Why not try double dildo doggy style for deeper penetration or face-to-face for a more sensual experience?

Want to enjoy a double-sided dildo for lesbians and queer folks on your own? Our double sided strap on collection is perfect for solo fun. Just be sure to pick one of our more flexible double-ended dildos for ease of use. Experience the unbelievable feeling of being double penetrated without the need for a partner.

Discover our full range of queer and lesbian sex toys here and take your sex life to the next level.

Enjoy mutual penetration and pleasure with a double dildo. These sex toys were created for queer couples who desire a more intimate experience while exploring penetration with their partner. This style of strapless dildo is secured via an insertable end held inside the vagina by squeezing one’s PC muscles, leaving the longer shaft free to explore. The best strapless dildo currently on the market is the Union Double Dildo (though perhaps we’re biased!).

Wet For Her sex toys are made by women and queer folk for women and the LGBTQIA+ communities and have undergone a rigorous design and manufacturing process to ensure superior quality and useability. Made of 100% silicone, our double dildos are hypoallergenic and body safe. The bulb of the union is optimized for firm control that doesn’t slip over time, and a copper wire has been inserted into the shaft to maintain shape and bendability. The union comes in three different shaft sizes, three neutral colors, and includes a rechargeable and removable bullet vibrator. Double pleasure has never felt so good.

The union is sure to quickly become a favorite for the two of you and your lover. More than a simple dildo, the union double dildo becomes an extension of your body without a harness. By inserting the bulb part into the wearer's vagina it will stay in place with the pc muscles and you will be ready to penetrate your partner. Double ended dildos are great for strap free, pleasure sharing, g spot, clitoris stimulation and anal play.

Double dildos ensures intense penetration experiences that’s beyond orgasmic that both you and your partner can share. To help you explore every facet of your sexual relationship, the double dildo can be used with or without a harness allowing you to diversify the sensations you feel in a variety of different positions.