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There are 19 products

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What is the purpose of a packer?

A packer is a phallic shaped object that is worn inside the underwear of the user to give off the appearance of a bulge or having a penis.

What is a packer dildo / Pack 'n Play?

Some packers can double as dildos (also known as a "Pack n' Play") and tend to be incredibly versatile and useful. A packer dildo is simply a dildo that doubles as a packer. They can be tucked or untucked and boast a realistic texture, feel, and look like a penis. They often have a firm enough core for penetration, but a soft enough exterior for packing.

Check out Wet For Her's selection of Pack n' Plays:
Shilo Pack n' Play Dildo and Packer
Carter Pack n' Play Dildo and Packer
Goodfella Pack n' Play Dildo and Packer

What is a STP (stand to pee) packer? Do they work?

STP (stand to pee) packers are devices that act as a funnel to help people urinate without sitting down. They are meant to aid in transitioning and can help people get the feel of using the bathroom while standing up. Yes, they do work! Albeit, they require quite a bit of practice getting used to them. Some people swear by them, while others find them too difficult to use. Don’t let that deter you though! STPs are fully practical, functional, and you can 100% teach yourself to use them as most do come with in depth instructions.

We recommend practicing in the shower with them where cleaning up is easier. Remember to be patient with yourself and your body if it is your first time using a STP. Some people end up not using them out of comfortability, while others prefer to use them to ease navigating public restrooms.

Our STP, the “Sam”, is available on our site and is created from soft silicone and fits inside regular underwear or packing underwear.

Can a packer be used as a sex toy?

Not all packers can be used as dildos. Unless otherwise indicated, most packers have a core that is not quite firm enough to be effectively used for penetration. Even so, packers are great for grinding, dry humping and foreplay!

However, some packers can double as sex toys (also known as a "Pack n' Play") and tend to be incredibly versatile and useful. They can be tucked or untucked and boast a realistic texture, feel, and look like a penis. Our Shiloh, Carter and Goodfella pack n' plays double as dildos. Check them out on the Wet for Her website here:
Shilo Pack n' Play Dildo and Packer
Carter Pack n' Play Dildo and Packer
Goodfella Pack n' Play Dildo and Packer

Are packers safe to wear while swimming?

Yes, packers are safe to wear while swimming and are a great way to validate your body while enjoying yourself. Our packers are made from silicone and are 100% waterproof. Adjust them with a speedo or some packing underwear and you should be fine and dandy! If you want to be extra secure the next time you go swimming or if it's your first time wearing a packer while swimming, we recommend using packing underwear and some breathable swimming trunks.

How do I wear a packer?

You’ll want to decide whether you will be needing packing underwear to help keep your packer in place. Of course, regular underwear, such as boy shorts or boxer briefs will work great too, but some individuals prefer the extra padding and support to maintain the packer in place. Some prefer a lower profile packer holding harness that can be worn underneath your underwear or without underwear. Once you have found the optimal pair of underwear for yourself, you’re going to want to adjust your packer correctly so it is not positioned too high or too low. Aligning the base of your packer with the base of your sweet spot would work best. Try practicing wearing your packer around your house for starters. Eventually, you can start building up your confidence with your packer by running errands while wearing it and then wearing it in public whenever you’re ready!

What kind of underwear will I need for packing?

You can use packing underwear, which is underwear specially designed to hold packers and STPs. Regular underwear will work just fine too, just make sure it's tight enough to securely hold your packer without much fuss. Additionally, you can consider getting enhanced underwear, a type of underwear meant to enhance bulges. This can be a great way to practice having a bulge without a packer and even add on to your current packer.

What different kinds of packers are there?

Packers come in a variety of shapes, looks, and feels. Packers can come with an uncircumcised look, with foreskin, or can appear erect as dildos. Check out our packers here!

What is the best way to clean a packer or STP?

Packers and STPs can be cleaned with a sex toy cleanser, preferably one that is phthalate and paraben free. You can also use an antibacterial soap and warm water to wash it off and wipe it down with a clean cloth.

How can I match my color?

Matching your color can be intimidating, as there tend to be various options for color matching, but we got you covered! You’ll want to match the color by looking at either large parts of your body, such as your legs, arms, and abdomen. Select which color matches you best and go from there. Our packers come in a range of colors, from cashew, caramel, hazelnut, and chocolate.

Do packers come in different positions?

Packers can be placed inside your underwear for everyday use or can be used as a sex toy for erect models, or those that are dildos. They should be positioned in the front of your crotch. They usually come as soft or erect.
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