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Massage is a wonderful way to relax, connect, and explore pleasure. It’s well known that therapeutic massage can improve physical and mental health, but erotic massage can also increase intimacy and sexual arousal between lovers. The massage oils we carry are 100% vegan friendly and made from natural ingredients, making them safe to use near sensitive erogenous zones. We offer a variety of scents from delicate and understated to fruity and fresh, as well as edible options that can be massaged directly into nipples or clits for additional flavor and sexy sensations.         


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Applying this balm directly to the nipples creates a cool, exhilarating sensation within 1-2 minutes that may last anywhere from 20 minutes to over an hour! For an even stronger sensation, lick or wet the nipples after applying Nip Zip, and then blow warm or cool air onto them. It makes nipples more perky and sensitive. 

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Tranquility : Coconut, Lime, and Verbena

Rejuvenation : Mandarin and Basil

Serenity : Tahitian Vanilla aroma


The Natural Hand Sanitizer kills 99.9% of germs and is enriched with Vitamin E so you can rest assured that your hands will remain clean and safe. Say no to sticky residue and hello to soft and smooth hands!  Antiseptic 75% Topical Solution Isopropyl Alcohol 125ml (4.2 fl. oz. ) Fragrance-Free Kills Germs Moisturizing Contains Vitamin E

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  • Slippery when wet

    Slippery when wet

    There’s Something In The Water Aquaphilia is the experience of arousal from water environments like bathtubs, showers or pools. It’s the most common term for water-based arousal but is by no means the only term to describe this varied set of...
  • Lick your Lips - Sex toys for Oral Play

    Lick your Lips - Sex toys for Oral Play

    Dedicated vagitarian? We can relate. Nothing gets us wetter than providing real lip service in the pursuit of pleasure, and we’re not alone. More women achieve orgasm with oral sex than any other means of stimulation.


Explore and enjoy our sparkling strawberry or passion fruit mousse, or luxuriate in romantic Ylang Ylang massage oil, perfect for enhancing shared sensual moments. Set the mood for your romantic escapades by lighting an intimate candle.

Let our delicate and subtle scents set the scene in the bedroom or wherever your sensual adventures take you.

Start with simple things and take the time to innovate nicely with a massage. At Wet For Her, we provide a large choice of massage oil and candles.Remember that your massage oil should respect your skin. Take the time to look at the ingredients and the fragrance, and enjoy some moments of tenderness with an oil massage. Have you ever thought of investing in massage oil for you and your lover?