Harnesses made by lesbians. Find the best harnesses for women, lesbian, and queer couples who enjoy strap-on play to have hands-free.

Boxer brief harnesses or the Jock harness are available from XS to 5X in Black and Red. All our strap-on dildos fit easily and securely in our harness. 

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What type of strap-on harnesses are there for lesbians ?

There are two main types of harnesses for strap-on plays. Underwear style harnesses, which look like a pair of underwear and range from a variety of styles like boxer briefs, thongs, and boy shorts. Strap-on style harnesses come with adjustable straps to fit with your body shape. These come in thong and jockstrap styles to fit those with vulvas or penises. Wet for Her carries a plentitude of harness styles, from boxer brief, thong, jockstrap, lingerie, and boy shorts. Check out our harness selection here: https://www.wetforher.com/all-harnesses

How is a harness supposed to fit?

Harnesses should not fit loosely. In fact, you want them to be as snug as possible, like your “best pair of jeans that make your butt look good” kind of snug. The more well-adjusted your strap-on harness is to your body, the easier it will be to move and control the attached dildo when you're pegging or penetrating your partner.

What types and sizes of strapon dildos can a harness fit?

Harnesses can fit a variety of dildos, from silicone, glass, stainless steel, and pyrex dildos. We recommend using silicone dildos as they are not as heavy and tend to be flexible enough to control for penetrative sex. For beginners who are new to strap-ons, we recommend a dildo that is five to seven inches long and 1.5 to 1.75 inches in diameter. It is always ideal to start off one size down so you don’t get one that is too big. You can also consider texture, so it’s best to experiment with dildos and see which ones you and your partner prefer! We carry strap-on dildos that vibrate, are curved, suction dildos, G-spot dildos, and even trans* inclusive packers which double as dildos. Check out our strap-on dildos here: https://www.wetforher.com/61-strap-on-dildos

How do I care for a strap-on dildo?

The same way you would care for any of your regular sex toys! Remember to clean them after every use with a foam toy cleanser or by using an antibacterial soap and warm water. To increase its shelf life, we recommend storing it somewhere where it is dry and room temperature, preferably inside of a case or a satin pouch.

Are there any drawbacks to using a strap-on sex toy?

No drawbacks! Only more fun ways to explore and have sex!

How do I use a strap-on dildo? What are the general steps I should follow?

The first step you’ll want to take is adjusting the harness to your body. Make sure to adjust it as snug as you can without it being too tight that it’s cutting off circulation or becoming uncomfortable. Next, you’re going to want to insert the dildo into the O-ring, a hole within the harness’s strap which can fit dildos. Make sure everything is well-adjusted. Afterwards, you and your partner can use lube, with whoever is receiving applying lubricant to themself and whoever is wearing the strap-on applying lubricant to the dildo. Take things slow and be patient and reapply lube whenever necessary. Don’t worry if things start off slow, not everything will remain linear and it is a new form of sexual play, in fact! Remain open-minded and everything should work out great.

What are the benefits of a strap-on dildo?

Strap-ons dildos provide a fun and engaging way to explore new modalities of sex with your partner, especially if one of you would like to provide penetrative sex to the other. Strap-on sex can help improve pleasure for both parties, increase intimacy, and even provide a cool power trip to the one on the giving end. Most lesbian couples enjoy strap-os didlos as they get to see the way their partner’s react to pleasure. Additionally, it’s a great way to stimulate your G-spot, your P-spot or prostate, or your A-spot and anus.

Can a strap-on dildo be combined with a vibrator?

Yes! And that’s one of the greatest benefits of using strap-on dildos. Some strapons for lesbians already come with vibrating features and provide even more intensity and pleasure for both wearer and receiver. You are also free to pair your vibrator sex toy with your strap-on for extra fun. Wet for Her carries a variety of strap-on dildo that vibrates all the wet fun. Our popular UNION double dildo features an innovative style for both wearer and receiver with amazing vibration: https://www.wetforher.com/union-double-dildo-vibrating-pink.html We also carry a clitoris ring vibrator you can plug on to your strap-on dildo for even more fun! https://www.wetforher.com/wowhertm-clitoris-ring-vibrator-plug-on.html

Is a strap-on the same thing as a dildo?

Strap-ons sex toys are a type of dildo which can be adjusted and fitted to a harness. So in a sense, yes, they are technically the same thing. Some strap-on dildos can be used as regular sex toys if you would prefer to do some solo play or use it on your partner without a harness.
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Harness for strap-on dildo

Our harnesses are made by lesbians. We carry the jock strap adjustable harness or boxer brief harness.

Both types feature an elastic o’ring to place the dildo. Our harnesses are compatible with double dildos and strapless dildos. Just push the dildo from the inside until it is at the base. You are ready for strap-on play.