After the famous sex toy has taken the world by storm and pleased a wide range of users over the years, its latest version - the new and improved Womanizer Deluxe - has landed. Said to be breathtaking and marvelous, it promises quick, intense and repeated orgasms through clitoris stimulation.

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Thanks to its innovative PleasureAir technology, the device offers dual sensations, with vibrations and sucking. After dropping some lube on the tip and placing it on your clitoris, all you have to do is lay down and enjoy a wonderful, blissful ride to Cloud 9.
While the Womanizer Deluxe includes the same basic features as the previous version, the vibrator offers more discretion and a wider range of options in terms of intensity levels. Indeed, a new button allows you to reduce the intensity of the vibrations, so that you can play around and enjoy the build up before climax, and still ride the wave of pleasure afterwards. Ideal for frenum and nipple stimulation, the sex toy can also be used in conjunction with penetration.
When fully charged, it offers 5 hours of autonomy, and you can charge it via USB. It comes with a two-yearmanufacturer warranty, so you can have fun without worry. If you are a travelling woman, you’ll appreciate the lock feature, triggered by pressing the diamond-shaped button for 3-5 seconds.
The device comes in silicone and ABS, and it is splash resistant. Dimensions: length = 12cm, width = 6cm, depth = 6cm.