Holiday Gift Guide 2023

Holiday Gift Guide 2023

Wet For Her's LGBTQIA+ Holiday Gift Guide

As the holiday season beckons, finding the perfect gift becomes an art form, a meaningful expression of love and appreciation. At Wet For Her, we recognize the importance of pleasure in these moments. Our LGBTQIA+ holiday gift guide is thoughtfully curated to embrace the diversity within our community and offer joyous experiences that transcend the ordinary.

1. Couple-Centric Pleasure: For those reveling in the beauty of connection, our couple-centric pleasure products are designed to enhance intimacy. From dual stimulators to strap-ons, these gifts celebrate the unique bond between partners, creating moments that linger in memory.

2. Solo Sensations: Indulge in solo pleasure with our collection of self-love essentials. From ergonomically designed vibrators to discreet toys, these gifts encourage self-discovery and the celebration of individual desires.

3. Inclusivity at Its Core: Our commitment to inclusivity shines through in our diverse range of products, ensuring that everyone, regardless of gender identity or body type, finds pleasure in their own unique way. Embrace the power of pleasure that knows no boundaries.

4. Elegant Essentials: For those who appreciate the finer things, our elegant pleasure products combine sophistication with sensuality. Beautifully crafted and meticulously designed, these gifts are perfect for those who enjoy a touch of luxury in their intimate moments.

5. Sensory Exploration: Go beyond the ordinary with our sensory exploration collection. From massage candles to flavored lubricants, these gifts engage the senses, creating an immersive experience that transcends the physical.

6. Gender-Affirming Products: At Wet For Her, we celebrate gender diversity. Our gender-affirming products are designed to support and affirm gender identity. Explore our collection of packers, binders, and more, crafted with comfort and empowerment in mind.

7. Pleasure-Focused Accessories: Enhance your pleasure experience with our range of accessories. From playful lingerie to body-safe lubricants, these additions are curated to complement and elevate your intimate moments.

8. Gift Cards for Personal Choice: For the ultimate in personal choice, consider our gift cards. Let your loved ones explore and select their own pleasure essentials, ensuring a gift that aligns perfectly with their desires.


Check out some of our favorite selections from this year's holiday catalog! Wet for Her holiday shipping is FREE if you order by Monday, December 18th.


Fusion Vibe 2.0 with remote control

Introducing the upgraded Fusion by Wet For Her—a groundbreaking design now enhanced with a sensational Vibrating Upgrade and seamless Remote Control functionality for hands-free pleasure. Tailored for strap-on play, the non-realistic Fusion Dildo boasts a powerfull motor system and an ergonomic pleasure base to delight the wearer.

With vibrations c

Take command with the Remote Control, offering a choice of 10 customizable speeds, ensuring a tailored handsfree experience for every moment.

Crafted by a queer team for our community, the Fusion is made from 100% medical-grade silicone, providing a velvety touch and body-safe experience. Elevate your intimate moments with stratospheric orgasms, as the Vibrating Fusion redefines the art of pleasure and hands-free lovemaking.

This holiday season, give the gift of pleasure, connection, and self-discovery with Wet For Her's LGBTQIA+ holiday gift guide. Each product is a celebration of love and individuality, designed to empower and uplift. As you navigate the world of gift-giving, let pleasure be the guiding star, leading to moments of joy that linger long after the holidays. Cheers to a season filled with love, connection, and unapologetic pleasure!


UNION Vibe 2.0

Wet For Her redrew the inescapable lesbian bestseller double dildo by providing unique features  such as 10 speed vibration, a remote control for full handsfee control together with an ergonomic design allowing lesbians couples to use a double ended dildo fulfilling all its and your promises.

The Wet For Her Union 2.0 has 3 vibrating points and 10 speeds, it is bendable on both sides with shape memory. This enables you to choose the angle you want to give it to achieve a larger number of positions, want to go acrobatic, no problem, the toy will remain in position. The product stays in position, it doesn’t flop down like some cheaper versions, all the while maintaining a soft and supple texture due to our medical grade soft silicone.

We have added 3 pleasure points with vibration that run though the shaft to the tip as well as the bulb, it has 10 speeds to fulfill all your desires, controlled via the toy and/or a remote controle for a full handsfree experience. Want your partner to be in control of the pleasure intensity , then they handle the remote control and are able to use all 10 speeds, or want to make your partner holler in pleasure, why don’t you control the pleasure intensity going to low and fast fo amazing sensations.

We made the toy longer than most so it will remain in each of you during your back and forth movements creating transorgasmic moments.

The Union double ended dildo is also compatible with the strap on harnesses sold on Wet For Her, such as the Jock, the Boxer and the Brief

Tip : The union is a dual strapless toy, the wearer needs to be excited to insert the bulb into them before being able to please a partner. The more excited the wearer is, the easier the bulb will insert.



Experience electrifying pleasure with our Glow in the Dark Smooth Silicone Dildo. Crafted from medical-grade silicone, its curved design and bulbous head expertly target your deepest desires. Illuminate your nighttime escapades with its enchanting glow, heightening the excitement. Enjoy thrilling solo adventures as the strong suction cup adheres to any surface or share the delight with your partner by wearing it in a compatible harness such as the Wet For Her Boxer, StartHer or Jock, for unforgettable strap-on play. Discover a new level of intimate pleasure as you explore the captivating glow and versatility of this unique pleasure companion.



Be the star of the night with this 6-inch, smooth silicone dildo. The curved shaft with wider tip makes for precision-perfect pleasure, while the shiny stars make for a beautiful fun-time companion.

Made from ultra-smooth soft silicone, the ergonomic pleasure designed shaft flexes to comfortably fit the contours of your body. This sparkly dildo features a strong suction-cup base perfect for solo play and It's also compatible with most harnesses, such as the Wet For Her Boxer, StartHer, or Jock making it the star of the show for great strap-on fun. Use your starry dildo with plenty of water-based lube for enhanced pleasure.


RockHer Duo

Created per customer's request, 2 RockHers Mini Scissoring to share the pleasure at the same time. 10 vibrations activated with wireless remote control. This is a must-have for long time lovers of frottage, scissoring or tribbing. The unique and versatile design of the RockHer™ means couples can share the pleasure in a variety of positions. The bulb can be inserted for g-spot stimulation and the flexible vibrating ring will nestle against the vulva so each partner will experience the sensation of the RockHer™. It can also be worn in reverse, opening the various possibilities of ways to play! 



Elevate your pleasure with our 6-inch Super Smooth Silicone Dildo in a mesmerizing ombre colorway. Its two-tone design adds allure to your bedroom adventures. The carefully crafted shaft targets your G-spot, intensifying stimulation. Embrace the flexible, body-contouring silicone that moves with you for a tailored experience. Explore boundless possibilities with its convenient suction cup, allowing solo play on any smooth surface. For exciting couple play, this dildo seamlessly fits into a compatible harness, unlocking a world of strap-on delights. Discover the perfect fusion of style, functionality, and pleasure with this eye-catching bedroom companion.


The Rainbow

What’s not to love about a strap-on dildo that features the rainbow? Be loud and proud under the sheets with this Rainbow Strap-On Dildo. Handcrafted and made of 100% silicone, the Rainbow strap-on dildo has a smooth and soft texture whilst being firm and flexible. The Rainbow Strap-on Dildo is compatible with all the o-ring harnesses sold on this site. When used with a bullet vibrator in a harness, the vibrating sensation can be felt throughout the dildo. This is due to the silicone materials which transmit the vibrational patterns and pulses. For additional clitoral stimulation use the WowHer™ and / or cover the dildo base with the BumpHer for extra padding and pleasure!



This holiday season, give the gift of pleasure, connection, and self-discovery with Wet For Her's LGBTQIA+ holiday gift guide. Each product is a celebration of love and individuality, designed to empower and uplift. As you navigate the world of gift-giving, let pleasure be the guiding star, leading to moments of joy that linger long after the holidays. Cheers to a season filled with love, connection, and unapologetic pleasure!