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Who doesn’t love losing track of time and luxuriating in the sensual pleasures, excitement, fun and intimacy of great sex with a lover. What would you say to charming, tasty accessories that complement and highlight her gorgeous body.

Introducing Wet For Her’s erotic accessories collection. All of our erotic accessories are carefully selected especially for Lesbians.

We’ve put everything we know about sex and sensuality into assuring your pleasure and that of your partner. Allow yourself to be titillated by this line of sexy accessories for women, by women.

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Applying this balm directly to the nipples creates a cool, exhilarating sensation within 1-2 minutes that may last anywhere from 20 minutes to over an hour! For an even stronger sensation, lick or wet the nipples after applying Nip Zip, and then blow warm or cool air onto them. It makes nipples more perky and sensitive. 

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Nothing says Valentine’s Day like a heart shape of luxurious pink rose petals with a bottle of champagne in the middle. Show your loved one how much you care with a trail of red rose petals that leads to a frothy bubble bath. Or be creative by writing a love poem on the bed in tender pink rose petals. 100 Rose Petals

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Almost everything needs to be cleaned now and then, but adult toys should be cleaned after each use. This light cleanser has a wide range of bacteria-killing properties, which will inhibit microbial and fungal activity. Mighty Tidy Toy Cleaner was developed exclusively for adult accessories.

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