Wet For Her offers the Best sex toys for lesbian couples, vibrators, strap-ons dildos, and double dildos. All are made by lesbians for the LBTQ+ community.

Made by lesbians, these erotic sex toys for lesbians focus on women’s bodies and center female pleasure. Wet For Her designs and manufactures non-realistic lesbian sex toys and vibrators for women using only the highest quality materials. Our online lesbian sex toy shop includes dildos, double dildos, and strap-on harnesses. Whether you’re looking for a scissoring vibrator, sex toys for fingering, or vagina-friendly lube. We have it all!

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    Union - Double Dildo Vibrating Pink
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  3. Double-Headed Dildo Vibrating Pink
    Double-Headed Dildo Vibrating Pink - Small
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    Marvel Wedge Style Rechargeable Finger Vibrator - Orange
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There are 80 products

You've viewed 48 of 80 products
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How do I clean my sex toys?

Cleaning your sex toys will ensure the lifespan and shelf life of your sex toy. We recommended buying a sex toy cleaner to avoid STDs. Wet For Her Sex toy cleaners are perfect for your lesbian sex toys, but generally, you’re going to want to try to pay attention to the type of material your sex toy is as this will determine the means and measures for cleaning. Glass, metal, and silicone sex toys are usually nonporous and can be cleaned just fine with soap and water or a toy cleaner. Squirt a few pumps onto your toy, rinse with warm water if your sex toy is waterproof, or wipe it down with some baby wipes or a clean damp cloth. Never submerge your sex toy fully in water if it’s not waterproof! Remember to clean your sex toy after every use to prevent the buildup of bacteria and also prevent infections.

How do I choose the perfect sex toys for my couple?

Choosing the right sex toys for yourself all depends on what you are seeking out for your pleasure! Will you be using this sex toy for solo masturbation? With a partner? As a strap-on dildo? It’s also important to consider the type of stimulation you are looking to experience. Are you focusing on G-spot stimulation? Anal stimulation? Maybe you're choosing to stimulate the P-spot around your prostate or even add some clitoral stimulation into the mix as well. Once you decide the type of stimulation and experience you are seeking with your sex toy, you can start to browse Wet for Her’s selections! Wet for Her carries sex toys for lesbians such as strapless dildos, double dildos, squirting, G-spot, anal, metal, and glass dildos as well as a variety of strap-on dildos for lesbians for you to choose from!

How to choose the correct sex toy size?

Using a sex toy or strap-on dildo can take some getting used to, especially if you don’t have much experience in penetration. We suggest beginning with something on the smaller size to make insertion a little less strenuous. Sex toys can range in sizes as little as 4 inches and as large as 18 inches. It’s important to pay attention to the measurements of the product before you buy your new sex toy. If you’re still not sure what you’ll be working with, use a ruler or a sizing guide to test things out. We recommend starting off with about 5 inches to get a feel for it and move on from there!

Which shape or size should I consider for my sex toy?

This depends on the type of sexual play you want to engage in. Ultimately, you’re going to want to find the ideal size for yourself. Sex toys range in all sorts of sizes ranging from 4 inches to 18 inches! If you need assistance choosing the right size for yourself or a partner, you can refer to our beginner guide here: As for shape, sex toys can come curved, straight, and they can even be doubled! We recommend doing research on the types of sex toys you are interested in and going from there with some experimentation. It really is all about experience and seeing what suits your needs best!

Why use a sex toys?

Whether you’re focusing on some solo play or incorporating a partner into the fun, there are so many benefits to using sex toys in your lesbian couple! They are incredibly versatile and they can be an awesome addition to foreplay and sex. Sex toys help to get you aroused before penetration. Having lesbian sex with sex toys can be incredibly pleasurable, especially if you prefer internal stimulation. Did I mention they are versatile? Many sex toys come with a suction-cup base which makes them ideal for hands-free play and some can be used with a strap-on harness if you prefer to get hot with your partner. No matter what you’re using them for, sex toys can provide a whirlwind of fun for the first-timer.
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Wet For Her designs the best lesbian sex toys and dildos to strap with an uncompromising commitment to enhancing your sexuality and your health. These sex toys are designed to help you discover intense pleasure, and new sensations and to allow you to explore every facet of your couple's sexuality with love. Our sex toy catalog offers for beginners couples wanting to try more advanced needs.

Sign-up for shared passion with a strapless dildo or take turns giving each other pleasure with the mini-rabbit vibrator, the Fusion strap-on sex toy, or our bestseller Union double dildos.

Choose among the best lesbian sex toys and dildos to add some spice to your intimate relationship and share unique experiences with your partner or lover. At Wet For Her, we create and manufacture, non-realistic avoiding balls and penis shape designs in top quality sex toys with a wide variety of designs and fun colors for your couple's intimate moments of lesbian fantasy and pleasure. Strap our strap-on sex toy with a harness and get your hands free. Make love and have fun !

Lesbian Sex Toys for Solo Fun and Play

Who says you can’t enjoy sex toys on your own? Whether you like penetration, clitoral stimulation, queer and lesbian masturbation, earth-shattering vibrations, or suction toys that mimic oral sex, we have all the best queer and lesbian sex toys for you to enjoy solo.

Lesbian Sex Toys for Couples

Take your sex life to the next level with our best sex toys for queer and lesbian couples. Whether you are new to queer and double-sided dildo for lesbians and queer folk, our sex toys guarantee to deliver immediate sexual gratification. Explore the exciting world of strapon for lesbians, harnesses, dildos, double dildos, scissoring vibrators, and so much more, and reach new levels of sexual ecstasy with your partner. Lesbian sex has never been so pleasurable!

Best Sex Toys for Lesbian

If you are looking for the best lesbian sex toys, then you have come to the right place. Here at Wet For Her, we are sexperts on the queer community and know exactly how to help you turn up the heat in the bedroom – or any other room in the house! From our strap-on dildos that come in an extensive array of shapes and sizes to our best-selling vibrating clitoris ring that delivers wave after wave of pure pleasure, browse our top-rated queer and lesbian sex toys below and enjoy mind-blowing orgasms time and time again. Want more advice on how to have sex? Check out our Ultimate Guide to Lesbian Sex and other guides to take your sex life to the next level.