Top Lesbian Sex Toys

Top Lesbian Sex Toys

Here are our top 3 lesbian sex toys now on sale for this Black Friday! Each toy has been specially made with the queer community in mind. Made by queer folks, for queer folks. Each one of our toys is made from hand-poured silicone which is 100% phthalate and paraben free. Our luxurious toys will have you wanting to build your very own collection -- and trust us, we won't blame you!

Our Top 3 Lesbian Toys

1. Wet for Her Harness and Strap-On Starter Kit

This beginner “StartHer” friendly bundle is a great way to enter into the world of strap-on play. We have put together 2 great products at a great price to get you going and make your choice 100% stress-free to jump straight into the fun stuff! This harness has adjustable straps giving the wearer tailored, comfortable, and secure O-rings allowing most dildos to fit snugly onto the harness. It also has an additional pouch for a bullet vibrator as an accessory. The dildo "Five" slides in between the chloroprene base and the O-ring. The dildo Five with its flat base is naturally body-safe and phthalate-free, it has a soft and silky feel and is available in 3 sizes. It comes in sizes small (2 fingers width), medium (3 fingers width), and large (4 fingers width) see chart for dimensions. Add some water-based lube for easy and slippery vaginal penetration. Our starter kit is currently 30% off, that's a savings of $25!

2. The Pride Fusion Dildo

The Pride Fusion dildo is our latest Wet for Her creation and our most colorful dildo yet! We created this special dildo for our 13th anniversary and to honor the power of the queer community as well as our freedom to love! The Pride Fusion is curated with our signature Wet for Her design -- it is created with a base that is ergonomically accessible for strap-on play and penetration from a partner. Used in tandem with our signature Jock Strap-On Harness, the Pride Fusion dildo can easily be placed against the giving partner's vulva for direct clitoral stimulation while the receiving partner is penetrated. For extra fun and sensation, our Wet for Her bullet vibrator can be placed in the harness so vibrations can be felt from the base for the wearer to the tip of the dildo for additional pleasure for the receiver. It doesn't stop there with the Pride Fusion! It can also be used for solo play. Paired with the right lube, we promise this dildo will quickly become one of your favorite toys in your drawer. We recommend pairing it with the Intimate Earth Hydra Water-Based Lubricant since the Pride Fusion is made from hand-poured silicone. Originally selling for $75.00, the Pride Fusion dildo is on sale for Black Friday for 25% off. That's almost $20.00 in savings!

3. BumpHer - Strap-On Dildo Base Cover and Cushion

The BumpHer is a soft and supple silicone cover designed to be worn at the base of a dildo. Not only does it provide extra padding, but it also features curves that contour the clitoris, providing sensual stimulation to the wearer during strap-on sex. The BumpHer fits comfortably and securely with all Wet For Her dildo base shapes measuring up to 3.25 inches in width. It is compatible to use with open O’ring and underwear harnesses. Do you love grinding? The BumpHer dildo base cover provides the ultimate pleasure and padding during strap-on play. If you can’t get enough of harness play or you simply love the feel of soft silicone against your skin, this superior dildo base cover is one make-it-or-break-it item that you should have in your sex toy collection. Designed to be enjoyed by lesbians, bisexuals, transgender, and gender non-conforming folk, the BumpHer dildo base cover is long-lasting and body safe.

For those that have a favorite dildo, or two, or five, the BumpHer can accommodate the majority of our strap-on dildos, comfortably covering the base and providing a ride of connection sensation and so much more! As one of the most versatile sex toys, the BumpHer dildo base is ideal for both pleasure and padding. It doesn’t matter if you want to indulge in a little me-time and enjoy the stimulation and cushion experience on your own or if you intend to share the love with your partner; the BumpHer dildo base will not disappoint. For those that have sensitive skin, the BumpHer dildo base cover is phthalate, latex, paraben & fragrance-free, so you don’t have to worry about any troublesome infections or irritations. You can simply jump on and enjoy the ride. The BumpHer is made with 100% medical-grade silicone and is on sale for 20% off this Black Friday!

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